Attention, Please: This May Be The Cheesiest Garlic Bread In The City

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We’d like all the cheese lovers in the city to gather around and listen to us. We have found the cheesiest garlic bread in the city.

Chow Down

Ah, Kandivali – the hub of good food and affordable eateries. One such gem is Insta Food, a restaurant serving Mexican and fast food to the humble public up north. With a quirky menu to boast of, it’s clearly one of the wackiest joints in the city. The amount of cheese their garlic bread is slathered with is unimaginable.

With liquid cheese that’s poured over the bread that has a square-shaped hole in it, it pours over easily – spilling over the spatula it’s served on. Priced at INR 150, it’s an entire meal for some. To add to this, they also have something called a tub sandwich – it resembles a cheese well. We’re not kidding, go see it for yourself.

So, We're Saying...

Some may call it heart attack on a plate, some may refer to it as heaven. We quite divided. What do you think?