Sunanda Murder Tapes

Arnab's Take On The Sunanda Murder Case

Arnab Goswami |

Here's Republic TV's editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami's take on the Sunanda murder case. The case has been pursued by Republic TV with a series of stings and exposes. In a Super Exclusive, the channel had exposed 19 tapes which revealed discrepancies in versions put out by Shashi Tharoor and his man-Friday Narain. 


1. Shashi Tharoor wanted Republic to stop reporting on the Sunanda murder case. We won't, because there's so much to reveal.

2. Shashi Tharoor shouldn't worry because the truth always has a way of coming out. It will, in the Sunanda case as well. 

3. I'm proud of my intrepid and brilliant colleague Prema Sridevi  and her exceptional work in the Sunanda murder case.

4. Over the last 2 months, attempts are being made by scared parties to throttle reporting on the Sunanda murder case. I wonder why?

5. It's time the people directly ask those trying to throttle reporting on the Sunanda murder case and what their intentions are.

6. If the Delhi Police has failed to expose Sunanda's killers, the CBI must take over. The failure cannot be incentivised.

7. India must ask the politician who's running scared in the Sunanda murder case and what the fear is about.

8. Our legal editor Rhythm Anand Bhardwaj was chased by goons and harassed in Thiruvananthapuram while following the Sunanda case

9. Bring out the goons, hire the lawyers, show us your political might. Nothing will stop the Sunanda investigation

10. A politician who's running scared that the truth will come out in the Sunanda murder must know that it will.