Sunanda Murder Case

Arnab's Questions To Sonia Gandhi

Arnab Goswami |

At 11 am this morning, the Sunanda murder case was declared wide open. The decision to ask the Delhi Police to file a second status report in the murder of Shashi Tharoor’s wife comes 15 hours after we exposed how, the head of the forensic department had said that Tharoor tried to put pressure on him to change the autopsy report. So naturally, we wanted to confront ShashI Tharoor with questions on this sensational charge. He had a press conference. We decided to go there. And that’s where the Congress unleashed violence, abuse, pushing, shoving, heckling, attacking, blocking, calling the police, throwing us out of the Congress office, all in a desperate attempt to somehow stop us from asking Tharoor a single question on Sunanda’s murder. 

I have 4 questions tonight, 3 questions are specifically to Sonia Gandhi

1. Why was the Lutyens media quiet, don’t they have any news sense that they refused to ask a single detailed question to Tharoor on Sunanda’s murder and the dramatic developments on it. 

2. Why is the Congress scared of letting Shashi Tharoor face a single question on Sunanda, what is their paranoia? 

3. After the “private citizen” defence of Robert Vadra, has the Congress officially come out in support of Tharoor in the Sunanda case? 

4. On what basis can any political party block a licensed news channel in a free country from its press conferences? Its plain and downright illegal. Duck our questions if you can, but blocking us makes me believe that a part of the emergency spirit is still alive in the Congress, 32 years after they unleashed it on India.