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Lalit Modi Quits Cricket "for Ever" — Though Cricket Quit Him First

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Lalit Kumar Modi, the Indian Premier League's (IPL's) first commissioner and chairman, has, in a four-page letter to the BCCI, announced his withdrawal from all official positions in Cricket administration. 

The 53-year-old, who has been in exile in the UK over the various cases of financial irregularities from his time at the IPL, took to Twitter to post the letter, in which, among other things, he's talked of himself as some sort of messiah of Indian cricket, helping it achieve its true potential.

However, Modi's resignation is somewhat as a smokescreen as he had already been suspended by the BCCI and IPL, and only held an association with the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) via a primary membership to the Cricket Association of Nagaur. He did not hold any posts.

Saying that he wanted to 'pass on the baton' to the next generation, Modi credited himself for increasing the BCCI's revenues from Rs. 260 crores to Rs. 47600 crores. Conversely, he said that since his departure from the IPL in 2010, its value had fallen from $11 billion to $4 billion due to lack of innovation.

He also waxed lyrical about his time at the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) but bemoaned the fact that his involvement had resulted in the BCCI stalling funding to it. He asked the BCCI to resume this funding.

Here is Lalit Modi's letter:

Lalit Modi letter 1


Lalit Modi letter 2


lalit modi letter 3


Lalit Modi letter 4