A still from the most recent (4th) episode of Game of Thrones
A still from the most recent (4th) episode of Game of Thrones


We Now Know Who Leaked The Most Recent Episode Of Game Of Thrones

Team Republic |

Last week's leak of the fourth episode of Game of Thrones' seventh season wasn't the first time such a thing happened. The popular fantasy fiction show routinely breaks records for online piracy, and just a couple of seasons ago, the first four episodes had leaked on the same day, ahead of their scheduled release. 

However, this most recent leak created a massive buzz on these shores because, for the first time, it appeared that India is where it originated. Hotstar, which has the rights to stream HBO's Game of Thrones as soon as it releases in the US had actually launched a high-decibel campaign against piracy and torrents this season, but unfortunately became a victim to the very same thing as a complete episode, even bearing the Star Network watermark, circulated online.

Amidst the furore that since ensued, Star India launched a forensic investigation in order to determine the source of the leak. And now, it appears, that they've found the culprits.

As per a report by Mid-day, two employees of Prime Focus Technologies, an Andheri based content hosting company that is employed by Hotstar and also Netflix, have been booked for the leak. The company, i.e. Prime Focus, has since lodged an FIR against the pair.

The fifth episode of Game of Thrones' seventh season releases on Monday morning. It's called Eastwatch and you can watch its official preview here.