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Credit: ANI


Filmmakers Asked Malayalam Actress For Sexual Favours

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In a shocking case of 'casting couch' in the Malayalam film industry, actor Hima Shankar Sheematty opened up on how she was asked to sign a "bed with acting package".  Hima Shankar Sheematty, who made headlines with her comments that 'bed with acting' package exists in the cinema, on Saturday said she is unperturbed with the backlash she has been receiving after revealing this information.  While talking to ANI, the Malayalam actress said, "After the recent press conference, many negative comments are coming my way. This may even end my career, but I don't care. I want to tell this to people that acting is a career and not a business based on a person's body. I really want the support of people."

"I am a person, who has an opinion and talent," she added.

Hima condemned the idea of 'selling your body' and instead said that women have to be strong and fight for themselves. The actress had earlier confirmed that casting couch exists in the Malayalam film industry, stating that filmmakers have asked her for sexual favours. During the promotion of her upcoming film Sarvopari Palakkaran, Hima said, "during the beginning of my career, when I was at the School of Drama in Thrissur, I got an offer in a film as a 'package' and when I asked them to explain the package and they told me it's the 'bed with acting package'." The actress has previously acted in movies such as Sarvopari Palakkaran, Himalayathile Kashmalan and Aaradi

In August, Member of Parliament and President of Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) Vareed Thekkethala claimed that "If actresses are ‘bad’, they may share their bed." This statement made the headlines and was yet another indication of the acceptance of this practice that Hima urges to eradicate.  Moreover, the industry has been amidst the news for another actress' abduction and molested, allegedly plotted by colleague Dileep. 

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