Source: PTI
Source: PTI


Learnt Hindi At Mature Age After Coming To Delhi, Says M Venkaiah Naidu


Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu stressed that there is no age bar for learning and said he learnt Hindi at a matured age when he came to Delhi.

Mr Naidu while responding to questions of some of the rural women, who attended the programme organised on International Literacy Day, said that education can be taken up at any age and there is no age bar for learning anything.

Giving an example of his own life, Mr Naidu said, "I did not learn Hindi in my childhood, later when I came to Delhi I understood things cannot be done properly without learning Hindi. By that time I was in a mature age. But I decided to learn Hindi and I learnt it."

Vice President Naidu said that because of his late decision of learning Hindi today he can "communicate with you in Hindi. I might be a little bit wrong grammatically but the people can understand whatever I communicate with them."