Arnab Asks: Is Contracted Marriages Of Minors For Sex Permitted In Your Religion?

Team Republic |

Republic Tv’s Saturday debate brought forth a scam in which young girls were sold, exploited and discarded by men who 'allegedly' married them. These marriages are supposed to last for weeks or month, making it legalised prostitution.

Often the middle men in these marriages are families in the city who have relatives overseas and target poor families with young girls. Everyone involved the marriage gets a cut of the Mahr (mandatory payment), however, the families of the girls barely get anything, the reason why they push their daughters into these marriages. Many a times the talaq nama and the nikah nama are signed on the same day and they are often forged.

Arnab asked during the debate whether contracted marriages for sex of innocent 13-year-old girls is permitted in Islam. Panelist Mehmood Paracha while avoiding his question said the government should be held accountable for allowing this to happen in the country.

Panelist Shazia Ilmi cornered ansar Raza asking “girls are being sold as sex slaves. How can you defend such a thing?”

Ansar Raza tried to evade questions saying he was not aware of the racket to which Arnab asked 10-year-old girls are being married to 70-year-olds. How can this be permitted and how can he deny that he had no knowledge of this.

Earlier on Friday, Republic Tv exposed sex rackets in the name of marriage, wherein Men from Middle-East do sex trafficking in the garb of marriage.