#DeraDirtySecrets | Ram Rahim’s Missing ‘daughter’ Honeypreet Exposed

Team Republic |

As Rapist Ram Rahim languishes in jail, Republic TV, in an explosive interview, spoke to a woman who escaped the Dera after she saw how Ram Rahim and his 'supposed' daughter exploited innocent girls.

She said,

“Once we realised the dirty secrets, we slowly decided to leave. We were literally like animals. We even left our own clothes behind.”

During the course of the interview, she revealed sensation details of how ‘Honeypreet supplied girls to Ram Rahim’ and “how ‘exploitation’ in Dera was an open secret.” On speaking about Honeypreet she said, “she was a daughter in name. She was nowhere close to a daughter. She roamed around with baba.” On being questioned about Honeypreet’s role, the Dera insider said, “She would dance with him. Make films with him. We all knew the inside truth, we would just keep quiet out of shame.”

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She also alleged that politicians ignored the complaints of those who raised the issue. She said, “women belonging to well off families in the Satsang tried raising their voices telling them to pay attention to what's happening inside the gufa but these politicians only came for votes. They were all in it. Even the journalists would make movies. No one heard these women. Nobody paid attention to the plight of the workers. Whether they are being fed or not.”

She added, “Ram Rahim being in jail is right. It is for the better. It has saved the world. so many homes would have been ruined otherwise. It would have even been better had it happened 15 years back.”

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