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Shakib Al Hasan Explains The Reason Behind His 6-month Break

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On Sunday, the ICC No. 1 Test all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan requested a six-month holiday from Test cricket. And since he has not been included in the Test squad for South Africa, it is clear that Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) have allowed Shakib the break.

"I think I still have a long playing career left in me," Shakib told reporters at Dhaka. "If I want to play for that long and play well, then this rest is required.”

"I can play if I want but the question is what you want whether I play for one or two years or for five to six years. I feel that if I play in this manner I cannot survive after one or two years," Shakib added.

He also explained that this break will make him stronger mentally.

"It is better to stop playing than to play in this manner because I want to perform till the last day of my career. So this break is required because I can come back strongly mentally and can play without tension for the next five years."

He also revealed that the 6-month break was on his mind for a long time, adding that he is thankful to the Bangladesh board for accepting his request.

"I was thinking about it for quite some time and told my family and close ones regarding it. At the end of the day I am the one who knows best about the condition of my body," he said. "For me, a one-month break is a long time and once I conveyed my idea, it did not take long for the board to accept it and I am thankful to them for it. I think there was nothing unethical about it and so they accepted it," he concluded.

The 30-year-old took a 10-wicket haul in the first Test against Australia to guide Bangladesh to a historic win. He has played 51 Tests, 177 ODIs and 59 T20Is for his national team.