Never Seen. Never Heard: The Super Exclusive On #KanchiTapes

Team Republic |

On November 11, 2004, one of the best known Hindu seers, Jayendra Saraswathi was arrested by the then Jayalalithaa government in Tamil Nadu. His arrest sent shockwaves across the Nation as his devotees refused to believe that he could be involved in the murder of whistleblower Sankararaman who allegedly published anonymous letters regarding corruption in the Mutt. The Sankararaman trial went on till 2013 when Jayendra Saraswathi was acquitted by the trial court, following which there was no appeal against the acquittal. 

13 years after Sankaraman was killed inside the Kanchipuram Mutt, Republic TV has released the #KanchiTapes, which if true, raise serious questions regarding the pending justice in the case. 

In this super exclusive, Republic has accessed tapes which have not been in the public domain before. It is a video of Jayendra Saraswathi recorded secretly while he was in police custody back in 2004. Sources claim that these tapes may not even be a part of the evidence submitted in court, which if true, makes them crucial evidence vis-a-vis the appeal against the acquittal in the case.  

While it is left to the courts and the investigating agencies to determine the authenticity of the tapes, Republic is releasing them with a motive to question the laxity in appealing against the acquittal in the 2004 Sankararaman murder case and to bring all facts of the case into the full public domain.