Did Twitterati Just Drag SRK Into A Controversy With Kangana Ranaut?

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Where there's Kangana Ranaut, there's news.  And just about everybody is trying to make the most of it. Recently, Kangana's video for All India Bakchod (AIB), in which she takes a satirical dig at the issues prevalent in Bollywood, went viral. In the video, Kangana takes on issues like feminism, pay disparity and of course, nepotism. 

And while it was no surprise that it soon became a hotly contested topic on social media, what stumped everybody was how actor Shah Rukh Khan was dragged into the entire controversy by Twitterati. It seems SRK fans were upset with Kangana for taking a dig at him (according to them).

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Within moments, they flooded Twitter with their comments on the issue. Here's how it all began. 

It immediately triggered a barrage of responses — both for and against Shah Rukh Khan. While some of them backed SRK in this, others felt Kangana was justified given what she had achieved in her career.  




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Just when there was an all-out war between the two sides, it seems SRK fans on Twitter got a wind of it and rushed to back their superstar. It wasn't long before the conversation became one-sided. 


It seems the controversy around Kangana Ranaut is not going to end anytime soon. We wonder what's coming next!