Imtiaz Ali

Two of Ranbir's directors — imtiaz Ali and Anurag Basu — were the first to arrive. Were they discussing scripts or Rishi Kapoor's tweets, we wonder? Pic: Viral Bhayani
One of the few celebrities to drive down himself, Imran Khan came with his wife Avantika Malik. We haven't seen Imran on the big-screen for a while but he sure seems to be a regular at Bollywood parties Pic: Viral Bhayani
Going by Sidharth Malhotra's expression, he seems to be talking to his girlfriend on the phone. We wonder who that is! Pic: Viral Bhayani
The destination has arrived but Sidharth just can't seem to get off the phone. Is he worried his date might just ditch him? Pic: Viral Bhayani
The Superstar arrives in style, or should we say Secret Superstar? As ever, Aamir Khan seems to be in character, this time from Thugs of Hindostan, as he attends the party with wife Kiran Rao. Pic: Viral Bhayani
With one superstar arriving, can the other be too far behind. What's surprising is that the normally media friendly King Khan shied away from being clicked. We also wonder why there's a cop sitting in the front seat. Extra protection for SRK? Pic: Viral
At every event, party or gathering — Arjun Kapoor has been a constant. And sure enough, he arrives wearing a somewhat dreamy expression on his face. Lost in thought, or is there more to it? Pic: Viral Bhayani
If Arjun Kapoor is a constant at parties, then so is Karan Johar. KJO seems to be busy with his phone here. Is he planning his next Instagram post? Pic: Viral Bhayani
Unlike his peers, who were occupied on their phones or simply lost in thought, Aditya Roy Kapoor looks like he means business. Mean and menacing, we wonder if he had something planned for his good friend Ranbir. Pic: Viral Bhayani
Alia Bhatt is fashionably late for the party and gives nothing away with her expression. Is she practicing her poker face? Pic: Viral Bhayani
Ranbir Kapoors birthday — a star-studded affair