Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Historical Photos
Image: Instagram/@macysparadehistory

A Carnivorous Goldfish made its debut in the Macy's Parade in 1928. The huge goldfish is still one of the most iconic balloons from the parade. Image: Instagram/@macysparadehistory
The 1931's two-headed giant was the first-ever balloon to have two heads. It appeared in only one parade. Image: Instagram/@that_macys_parade_fan
To mark Black Friday in 1932, Macy's introduced a black balloon of Felix the cat. This balloon was only used in two parades. Image: Instagram/@macysparadehistory
With the increasing popularity f Disney, Tony Sarg and Walt Disney himself introduced the giant Mickey Mouse balloon in 1934. The balloon retired a year later. Image: Instagram/@macysparadehistory
One year after, a Donald Duck balloon was also brought to the parade. However, this giant balloon sponsored by Walt Disney had to be removed the next year due to its performance issues. Image: Instagram/@that_macys_parade_fan
Walt Disney had a huge contribution to Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parades. In the late '30s, Pinocchio was also introduced to the parade. The balloon had a giant nose and a huge mouth. Image: Instagram/@macysparadehistory
Goodyear created balloons for Macy's for decades. Even after the sudden demise of Tony Sarg, Goodyear continued making balloons until 1980, after which they parted ways from Macy's. A superman balloon was their last creation. Image: Instagram/@macysparadehistory
Turkey holds much importance on Thanksgiving. It is a part of the massive meal that a family and friends have together. In 1973, a turkey float was introduced to the Thanksgiving Day Parade and is still a part of the parade. Image: Instagram/@macysparadehistory