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California mum turns her life around after battling addiction for over 2 decades

California mum reportedly turned her life around after battling addiction from a very young age. Jen Elizabeth now has 2 children and has also become an author.

Written by Shubham Bose

Jen Elizabeth, 42, critically acclaimed author from California spoke to a leading news daily in the US recently, where she opened up about the harrowing experience of turning her life around after reportedly being brought up in a "difficult home" and after getting addicted to alcohol at the age of 12. Halfway through her prison sentence, Jen had a moment of clarity and from then on decided to turn her life around.

Moment of clarity in prison

Jen was reportedly born to a family of people with severe "addictions and mental illnesses". At the age of three, her parents had reportedly joined a cult. Jen claims that it was there that she was molested until the age of nine, after which she and her parents finally escaped. The years of abuse and trauma led to her "experimenting" and indulging excessively in alcohol as young as 12-years-old. After that first taste of Vodka, Jen used alcohol and the escape alcohol provided to find peace, which gradually progressed into her trying narcotics. Over the next 13 years, Jen spent her time in and out of shelters homes and told local media that she use to spend her nights in cars and motel rooms.

Jen also had many run-ins with the law and was arrested multiple times for drug possession, being under the influence, receiving stolen property and violations of probation. After deciding to turn her life around, Jen rebuilt her life and is now an author and a mum with two children, Gage, six, and Ava, two.

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She further added that after years of "living with shame and feelings of worthlessness", Jen finally decided to dig herself out of the dark hole she had fallen into. Since rebuilding her life Jen has published a memoir about her life and experiences. She has finally confronted her childhood trauma that she believes is the root of all her problems. Jen also added that being a mum has also made things clearer for her. Jen's book is called Shape Of A Woman.

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