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Here’s Arnab Goswami’s Take On #AyodhyaProposal

Written By Prashasti Shetty | Mumbai | Published:

The Supreme Court hearing on Ayodhya, and with that a thundering newsbreak that the indefatigable Sri Sri Ravi Shankar organised a mega-meeting in secret in Bengaluru taking 16 top leaders of the Muslim Community and members of the muslim personal law board for a negotiated out of court compromise on the Ayodhya dispute is the days controversy and the days stunning headline.

On the debate tonight I had asked, what's wrong with an out of court settlement? One that manages a fine line between temple and mosque and buries years of bitterness. 
On the debate,  I asked this country if it wants to move on, and if it does so why not destroy the cynicism about an out-of-court settlement? 

On the debate, I asked how do people who dont value the rights of 90 million Muslim women claim to represent the rights of peaceful Muslims and Hindus to negotiate an end to decades of angst hurt anger and negativity? 

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