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Here’s Arnab Goswami’s Take On #ModiHitsBack

Written By Prashasti Shetty | Mumbai | Published:

The shouting, sloganeering of Rahul's jeering brigade has stood in sharp opposition to the focussed 90-minute speech of the Prime Minister in the Lok Sabha first and then in a speech in Rajya Sabha. And across India today there is great anger at the sheer immaturity of the sloganeering loud mouths of Congress and the way in which they broke every basic line of ethics and convention by screaming in a loutish way in Parliament on an occasion as serious as the PM's response the President's speech.

But tonight is not about convention alone because never before has the absolute 100% contrast between the steady Modi and confused Rahul been as clear.

What does Rahul do? After organising a dormitory type, childish pathetic shouting session, Rahul ran away from the Parliament not being able to gather one single sentence in a factual response.

Tonight it’s about true or false of the Prime Minister’s 100 point attack.

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