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Here’s Arnab Goswami’s Take On #TruthAboutRafale

Written By Prashasti Shetty | Mumbai | Published:

The debate is on Rafale and only and only on this channel will we hammer both sides with facts they may find tough to swallow.

  • To the opposition do you compare chalk and cheese?

  • To the BJP if you believe in 'Make in India' why did you do away with the transfer of technology clause? 

  • To the Congress do you expect 10 Janpath to get a pricelist of nuclear weapons on the Rafale planes if there were to be any?

  • Is the cost of a Patriot missile as easy as declaring the price of a Burberry jacket?

  • To the BJP what is so magical about a Rafale jet that you were ready to pay over 200 percent more than the wealthy Qataris, does that make any sense?

Now viewers the problem is that so far this debate has been confounded by people taking sides. My view is simple so far you can't take sides on this. You can just ask tough questions to both and see who crumbles first. 

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