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Here's Arnab's Take On Unnao Rape Accused BJP MLA's Victim-shaming Campaign

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

If the BJP thinks that responding to media and public pressure in the Unnao rape case by sacking the MLA will make them look weak, then I have a solution. Forget public and media pressure, they should respond to their conscience.

From Kashmir to Assam, Bengal to Gujarat, across India, over a billion people want to know why the BJP is willing to antagonise the entire nation to back an MLA accused of rape and murder. To Yogi Adityanath and his bosses, I have three questions.

1. The dying testimony of the rape victims father is out. Beaten so badly that his intestines were perforated, the father says he was beaten for standing up to his daughters rapists. Yogi Adityanath, walk on any Indian street, and ask people what they think of you for supporting this rapist. And tell me why a dying man's testimony has no value.

2. The MLA has been trying to put together a private mafia army to threaten violence against the state. Is this the law and order machinery in India's largest state. Should every rapist blackmail the government by bringing a few hundred goons?

3. Another BJP leader has come out and said, it's absurd to suggest that a mother of three would be raped. For this comment alone. Yogi should have quit. But tonight Yogi is drunk on power. Republic on the third day of the campaign will put more evidence out my investigative teams are on thr ground and till this man is sacked and taught a lesson we will not relent. 

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