VIRAL: Arnab Scorches Vadra Cong As It Runs To The British On Kashmir

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On Thursday, it emerged that Congress members overseas had met with Labour Party MPs in the UK and allegedly discussed the 'human rights' situation in Kashmir

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Updated On:

On Thursday, it emerged that Congress members overseas had met with Labour Party members including Jeremy Corbyn and allegedly discussed the 'human rights' situation in Kashmir. Jeremy Corbyn, one of the leading members of the Labour Party and a known Imran Khan fan, posted a tweet with a picture of members of Indian Overseas Congress. He wrote in the tweet that he had a 'very productive meeting with UK representatives from the Indian Congress Party' during which they discussed the human rights situation in Kashmir. As per sources, Kamal Dhaliwal, UK's Congress party head and a close aide of former Congress president Rahul Gandhi spoke to Republic TV confirming the meet.

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Congress heavily criticised for alleged attempt to internationalise Kashmir issue

The meeting was heavily criticised for the alleged discussion of India's internal matter of Kashmir. Owing to Corbyn's tweet, it led added to Congress' usual practice toeing Pakistan's line of attempting to internationalise Kashmir. The BJP called the Congress' alleged move a 'betrayal of Indian interests'. However, Congress went into a damage control mode and made a statement that members of the IOC aren't authorised to speak or discuss India's internal matter including Kashmir.

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Here's Republic TV's Editor-In-Chief Arnab Goswami's take on the issue:

"Treachery has many dimensions. Sometimes the definition of what amounts to treachery is subjective and hence those accused of it try to get away. Tonight, therefore, #CongBetraysIndia... Tonight, therefore, I will refrain from using that word treacherous or calling someone a traitor, but ladies and gentlemen, I want you to decide on who is treacherous, who is a traitor. I have evidence today that while the people of India and the government of India came together as one to fight all those who questioned our unity and sovereignty after we abrogated Article 370, this Vadra Congress betrayed the nation by asking political parties in the United Kingdom to attack India, these Mir Jafars, and telling British politicians to abuse India, and telling the British to support the Pakistani position on Kashmir. Jeremy Corbyn, a top Labour leader and an India hater and Pakistan supporter was having meetings with the Vadra Congress and being pushed and cajoled by the Vadra Congress to attack the Indian position. Frankly, none of us gives a damn about British politicians, they can go to hell. But this Mir Jafar type attitude of the Vadra family, this slinking and sleeping with the enemy approach — Sonia Gandhi, will not work with the nation of your birth Italy — this attempt to work with Pakistan is revolting. I truly believe that only when the Vadra family is out of Indian public life and kicked out of Indian politics can this kind of incident stop. I ask you, why the hell are they still in our political life, it is such an embarrassment, it is a moment of reflection..."

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Congress in damage control mode; 'disowns claims' about discussion on Kashmir between IOC & Labour Party

Anand Sharma, Congress' national spokesperson, said, "This is a misrepresentation, any unauthorised statement made on behalf of the Congress party, the delegation which met, for that matter any committee or chapter of the Indian Overseas Congress has neither any mandate or any representation to speak on any matter which pertains to policies on Indian domestic issues. They are supposed to be only confined to the Indian diaspora.

Sharma added that Congress' position remains the same since its resolution on J&K on August 6 which said that Kashmir is an internal matter of India. "The INC position is firm, consistent and clear as articulated in our CWC resolution on Aug 6. Any issue pertaining to J&K are purely India's internal affairs. What the Congress party has to say is communicated officially here and no other entity, individual or body has any other authority to do so. We disown any such claim entirely," he said.

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