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WATCH: ‘Are Kamal Nath, CP Joshi And Congress Fossils?’ Asks Arnab Goswami About The Viral Class Slur Video.

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A day after a video of Senior Congress Lader Kamal Nath was accessed, where he said, ‘If Congress does not get 90% votes in Madhya Pradesh, it is finished,’  now another video has emerged where CP Joshi unleashes a castetist and classist attack, directed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and senior BJP leader Uma Bharti. In the video Joshi questions the caste of Narendra Modi and Uma Bharti, and shockingly says only ‘Brahamins know about Hinduism.’

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Republic TV’s Editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami had this to say about the controversial Congress video on the primetime edition of The Debate-  

'Good evening and welcome. Yesterday the Congress party said officially that unless 90 percent of Muslims vote for it the party will be destroyed. Today the Congress party has said that only Brahmins can talk about Hinduism and since Narendra Modi is not a Brahmin he has no right to comment on Hinduism. Both these statements have been made not just by junior spokespersons but by the topmost Congress leaders, Kamal Nath and CP Joshi, inner ring members of the Rahul Gandhi camp. Both are video tapes. Both are communal and casteist. Now viewers, what do we want this country to be. Do we want to go back to the caste and religion politics of 30 years back? Are Kamal Nath and CP Joshi fossils. Or is the Congress a gigantic fossil that doesn’t realise that dinosaurs and those who think like them are extinct. Leading the coverage every minute and setting the agenda to 11th December counting day Were back tonight with a fresh edition of the debate'

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