WATCH: Is 2019 A Modi Wave Election? Doubters And Backers Share Their Views Before The Sunday Debate With Arnab

Debate Highlights

Roughly midway through the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, on The Sunday Debate with Arnab Goswami, the main issue in focus was whether or not a 'Modi wave' has arisen anew

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Roughly midway through the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, on The Sunday Debate with Arnab Goswami, the main issue in focus was whether or not a 'Modi wave' has arisen anew. With three panellists for and three doubting the Modi wave's existence, before the debate kicked off in earnest a spectrum of views was shared, ranging from complete confidence in the Modi wave to the complete routing of the BJP and to the BJP's failure to gain an absolute majority.

Here's what each of the guests said:

Hitesh Jain, Lawyer:

"It's exciting to be here in between the elections when the Modi Wave is being converted into a Tsunami."

M R Venkatesh, Political Analyst & Lawyer

"As the Modi wave is being converted into a Tsunami, avalanche it seems like it(BJP) will win more than 543 seats. It looks like extra seats will be needed in the Lok Sabha."

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Tom Vadakkan, BJP leader

"This election is going to be a man-made disaster for the Congress enterprise. As I feel that they are going to face the music, as it has shifted from an undercurrent to a wave to a Modi Tsunami. The man-made disaster is led by the Mahagathbandhan, which thinks that they can make workers amalgamate in such short notice. It does not work that way. It is not a switch on-off setup. Just because leaders decide to join hands, the thought process of the workers must amalgamate too."

Yatin Oza, Political Commentator & Sr. Advocate

"I am calm because I know the result. Whatever my friends have said is just blowing the balloon which is going to be punctured on May 23rd morning. By evening, everyone in the country would know that now democracy is restored. The dictatorship and the two-man rule which has crushed all democratic institutions will be ousted from the country and everything will be restored. I am very sure, calm with no excitement as I am pretty sure of the result."

Madhuresh Kumar, National Convenor, NAPM

"I am feeling a little sad, not about who is winning or losing, but by the fact that the people's issues are nowhere to be seen or discussed. It is about false national pride and sense of security. Modi has clearly failed in delivering on the mandate on which 2014 elections were fought on."

Sundar Balakrishnan, Political Commentator & Former leader, AAP

"I agree with Yatin and Madhuresh. While people's issues are not discussed in this election, there has been more polarization, making it more about caste. With respect to the results on May 23, I expect that Narendra Modi and BJP on its own will not get the majority, though they will be the single largest party. They will have to ally with some additional ally members, which is going to be very difficult to get for the BJP. There is also going to be a lot of churning within BJP as to who will replace Modi."

Watch The Sunday Debate with Arnab at noon and then again at 9 pm on April 28. 

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