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Road To Aatmanirbharta: How Gramophone's Agri-tech Offering Acts As A 'doctor To Farmers'

Tauseef Khan, the brain behind Indore-based agri-tech startup Gramophone, claimed that the platform was serving a 'doctor to farmers'.

In this ever-developing tech-savvy world, in a few clicks, everything is possible, even improving your farm growth, as rightly explained by the chief of Indore-based agri-tech startup Gramophone, Tauseef Khan in an exclusive conversation with Republic Media Network. Highlighting that the core philosophy of the startup is to work with farmers directly, Khan affirmed that they earn more from the land they have. "What we do is, we provide all sorts of facilities to grow the crop and we monitor all their practices right from sowing till harvest and we have also started enabling them to sell through the platform. It is like an end-to-end service.", he explains. 

Gramophone believes that technology can remove information asymmetry in the agriculture system. Farmers can access localised packages of practice, crop advisory, weather information coupled with the best products to grow. This improves productivity and helps farmers sustainably increase the income from agriculture.

Gramophone's Agri-Tech Offering Is A 'Doctor To Farmers'

Pointing out that there are various problems coming in the way of farmers, because of which the productivity level is half of what it should be, he said, "That's where we step as a doctor to the farmers." From the app, this startup takes a little information about the farmer and his field such as his sowing dates, his crop pitching, and derives the right practice and inform them about the same through automated messages.

It's endeavour is to bring the best products and knowledge to the farmers. Farmers can buy genuine crop protection, crop nutrition, seeds, implements, and agri hardware at their doorstep.

Talking about the platform that can be accessed by anybody who has a smartphone, Khan said, "It encompasses very India-specific problems and deals with it in a very India-specific way." Making it clear that those who do not have a smartphone can call them, he added, "Anybody who comes to the platform and follows all the suggestions, benefits at least by 50 percent in terms of crop yield and income."

Reminiscing the beginning of the startup, he said, "with three members, we started this and consultation was only available on call. Now, consultation has become very easy, people can just feed the required and we can tell them about everything, including the selling of the crops." Having said that, he added, "It is an evolving platform, and will soon have many more features."

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