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Fevicol Turns Ronaldo's Coca-Cola Controversy Into Creative Social Media Campaign; See How

Adhesive company Fevicol has created a creative advertisement campaign on the Ronaldo-Coca Cola controversy and people can’t stop raving about it.


IMAGE: StuckbyFevicol/FutbolBible/Twitter

Ace Football player Cristiano Ronaldo recently grabbed headlines at his press conference when he pushed aside two bottles of Coke placed on the table before holding up a bottle of water. Now, adhesive company Fevicol has created an advertisement campaign on the Ronaldo-Coca Cola controversy. 

Advertisement on Ronaldo - Coca Cola controversy

The creative campaign has caught the attention of netizens who reacted to the ad campaign in the comments section. The text on the creative ad reads, "Na bottle hategi, na valuation ghatega" that roughly translates to "Neither the bottles will move, nor the valuation will decrease" reiterating its promise of unmatched bonding.  The picture shows the empty chair and two bottles of fevicol that are placed on the table. 

The post of Fevicol has garnered over 13K likes and several reactions. Netizens, impressed by the interesting ad, took to the comments section to praise the company. One user commented, "pidilite has been creative in advertising. No different this time too" (sic). Another user commented, "Awsome, Phenomenal Brand and Product, Such an agile creative desk for the Brand , such a bonding between the agency and the client...I take pride in saying I am a shareholder of Pidilite Industries Ltd" (sic). Another individual wrote, "Kudos to the ad agency! Fevicol ads have been consistently brilliant from more than 2 decades" (sic).

Football icon Cristiano Ronaldo has caught the limelight for his off-field actions ahead of Portugal's Euro 2020 opener against Hungary with "Cristiano Ronaldo Coca Cola video" doing rounds across social media. Ronaldo looked slightly uncomfortable with the Coke bottles on the table and swiftly picked them up and moved them away before lifting a water bottle. Multiple reports claimed that Ronaldo's disapproval of the drink resulted in a $4 billion fall in the company's stock value. 

IMAGE: StuckbyFevicol/FutbolBible/Twitter

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