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IKEA Opens Its First Store In Hyderabad, Here's All You Need To Know!

Written By Radhika Sarkar | Mumbai | Published:


  • Located in the heart of the IT sector in Hyderabad, the furniture-giant IKEA opened with a sprawling space of 400,000sq ft.
  • After Hyderabad, the furniture giant is slated to open stores in Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Kolkata.
  • The store has a range of furniture, cooking ware, soft toys and ceramics.

Located in the heart of the IT sector in Hyderabad, the furniture-giant IKEA opened up with a sprawling space of 400,000sq ft. After seeking the approval from the government in 2013, IKEA decided to open around 25 stores in the country by 2025, although now it has been expanded to 40 stores across India. After Hyderabad, the furniture giant is to open stores in Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Kolkata.


In Hyderabad, the store opened up on Thursday, August 9. By 10 am in the morning, humongous crowds gathered outside the store waiting to get an entry and make a purchase. Many people gathered there stated that they had previously shopped in various outlets that are present in Sweden, the United States of America, and Singapore. To the delight of customers, the company has more to offer than furniture, like cutlery, soft toys, cooking ware, textiles, and mattresses. The store was inaugurated by Telangana Industries and IT Minister KT Rama Rao. The first customer of the store, Rajini Venugopal was treated like a true princess, as she was allowed to cut the ribbon and inaugurate the store along with all the other esteemed guests. Also, keeping in mind the economic structure of the country, the store was very carefully priced which came as a delight to the customers who want to decorate their homes with elegant and classy furniture. However, with all the advantages of an IKEA store coming up, the customers seemed to face difficulties in navigating around the area and needed assistance every few minutes. 

Here are a few pictures that have surfaced after the launch! 


The launch of the furniture giant's store in Hyderabad was marked with huge crowds in a queue, waiting for their turn to come, so that they can pay a visit to the store. Because of the crowd, the entire road leading to the IKEA store was jam-packed and for many hours the crowd was not moving. The IKEA store created a buzz on social media, with Netizens taking to the micro-blogging site to post the shocking sight of people sprawling everywhere to get an entry to the store. 

Here are a few videos and pictures! 


1. The IKEA store opened up in Hyderabad, and the company has employed around 950 people and another 1,500 directly to the customers. The plan was to initially set up around 25 stores in the next seven years, but now the plan has been dropped and they are to come up with around 40 stores all across the country including Bangalore and Kolkata. 

2. The cafeteria of IKEA is something to die for as it provides a spread of food, including savories and desserts so that the customers can take a detour and get a grab a bite after they are tired with all the shopping. Given the usual IKEA menu, the Swedish meatballs, and the beef will be excluded given the fact that it is catering to the Indian crowd that refrains from eating beef. 

3. Customers were first greeted by all the staff members who were dressed in blue and yellow polo shirts who were waving Sweden and Indian flags in order to greet the first-day customers. 

4. IKEA gave a traditional company breakfast to all the people who were standing in the long queue waiting for the store to open, and the cafeteria has around 1,000 seats in order to accommodate people. 

5. At the arrival of the customers, the staff of the IKEA store played 'Saare Jahan Se Accha'. 

6. The store also has an in-built creche, like the ones globally so that the customers can shop peacefully, without having to worry about the children. 

7. The cafeteria in IKEA is extremely consumer-friendly which provides a whole range of delicacies to eat from Biryani at the price of Rs 99 to Salmon fillet at the price of Rs 399. 

8. The furniture giant is also partnering up with the app Urban Clap for providing carpenters. Urban Clap charges around Rs 250, for a one-hour service by the carpenter. 

9. The IKEA restaurant will be open from 9:30 am-10:30 pm so that even if the shopping lasts all day, the customers don't go home hungry. 

10. Along with Hyderabad, the company will also launch its stores in Gurugram, Kolkata, and Bangalore to name a few cities.