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Mangalore University VC Issues Notice To Students Protesting Against Hijab Ban

Mangalore University vice-chancellor on June 7 issued notice to hijab students. Students have been told to give explanations about addressing the conference.

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Vice-Chancellor Anusuya of Mangalore University has issued a notice to students who protested against its Hijab ban. The notice demands that the students give an explanation on addressing a press conference about the college, particularly regarding statements made against the guidelines of the college. Indirectly they had also hit out at CFI. In the letter, they had mentioned there were 'unknown hands' behind the protest and provoked them to keep the issue alive.

On June 3, the Mangalore University Coordination committee asked the district administration to clarify all the confusion around uniforms. The Coordination Committee had set a deadline of two days to resolve the ongoing confusion. Last week the coordination committee President Riyaz also warned that he would stage a protest across Dakshin Kannada district and said a large number of students would join the protest on Hijab row.   

24 Students suspended by the college as they protested against Hijab Ban 

24 students of Uppinagady Govt First Grade College had Protested against the Hijab ban and govt order last week. They reportedly even boycotted the classes and protested against the college.  On June 7, the College committee decided to suspend those students for not following the guidelines. A few days back 7 more students were suspended for the same matter and the chaos escalated when media personnel covering the story were attacked.

Karnataka High Court's verdict on Hijab controversy

On March 15, the Karnataka HC bench comprising Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi and Justices Krishna Dixit, and JM Khazi ruled that Hijab is not an essential religious practice. The court's order came in response to a plea filed by students of Government PU College for Girls, Udupi, who sought permission to attend classes wearing a hijab and a direction to the effect that it is an "essential practice" of Islam. In its judgment panning 129 pages, the court has eloquently answered key questions pertaining to the hijab row and said that the prescription of the school uniform is only a reasonable restriction that students cannot object to.

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