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WATCH | 'Saboot Or Sapoot?': PM Narendra Modi Takes On The 'Mahamilavat' Opposition For Questioning The Forces

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  • PM Narendra Modi has taken on the Opposition over their questioning of the IAF's Balakot blitz
  • Addressing a rally in Meerut, the Prime Minister launched a 'Saboot or Sapoot' attack on what he termed as the 'Mahamilavat'
  • He also highlighted the allegations of corruption on a number of Opposition leaders, calling them 'Daagdars' and himself as a 'Dumdaar Chowkidar'

Questioning the Opposition's motives at a rally in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, on Thursday, PM Modi highlighted the line of inquiry that was being applied against him and said, "Today the situation is such that those who used to challenge the 'Chowkidar' till a few days ago are now crying: 'Why did Modi do this or that? Why did Modi kill terrorists in Pakistan in their houses? Why did Modi destroy the terror bases?'"

He continued "I want remind you something important. These 'mahamilavati' people (referring to the Opposition) are busy debating who is more popular in Pakistan today. They are a constant feature in Pakistani media and are being lauded there."

Seeking the gathered crowd's choice ahead of the upcoming elections, PM Modi asked, "Tell me whether you want India's hero or Pakistan's hero? I wish to ask 130 crore Indians today, do you want 'Saboot' (proof - referring to the Opposition's statements after the IAF's Balakot air strike) or 'Sapoot' (sons of the soil - referring to India's Jawans)?"

Earlier in the same rally, the Prime Minister had also slammed the Opposition over the allegations of corruption against some of its biggest leaders, opining that on one side there was a 'Damdaar Chowkidar' while at the other end there's a swarm of 'Daagdars' (tainted persons).

WATCH | "At One End There's A Damdaar Chowkidar And On The Other, A Swarm Of Daagdars": PM Modi's Fiery Attack At Opposition

PM Modi finished the speech with three loud calls to the crowds saying "Mai bhi...." to which they responded enthusiastically "Chowkidaar".