Bihar Lok Sabha Elections

EXCLUSIVE STING: From 'votes For Cash' To 'buying Polling Booth Agents' JDU Leader Vidyanand Nikal Delves In The Dirty Details Of Elections

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Vidyanand Nikal, a leader from Nitish Kumar's JDU makes explosive revelations on 'vote-buying'

Days after Republic Bharat in a massive investigation exposed the nature of 'netas' ahead of the Lok Sabha elections with 'Operation Bikau Sansad', Republic Bharat's team carried out another sting investigation on local political leaders of four parties, revealing their 'vote-fixing' tactics.

One local leader from four different parties across the country, which have their bases in Bihar, were caught on camera openly asking for money to get a variety of things done, which involves buying votes and managing booths. 

Caught on-camera giving a 'formula to become an MLA', a Dalit strongman from Nitish Kumar's JDU party in Bihar, Vidyanand Nikal divulges how 'elections have become expensive' and how votes are being bought by going around houses and paying around Rs. 500.

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Here is the conversation JDU leader Vidyanand Nikal had with Republic Bharat's reporter who carried out the sting operation:

Vidyanand Nikal, JDU leader - See, elections have now become expensive because even if one person goes there from here, he/she will take fees. If you're willing to spend around Rs. 500 to a 1000, they will run around for you. Secondly, on polling day, around Rs. 1000 to 500 goes to every polling booth. Someone gives Rs. 1000 and others give around Rs. 2000. 

Reporter: Per vote?

Vidyanand Nikal, JDU leader: Not per vote, it is for agents, who sit at the polling booth. 

Vidyanand Nikal, JDU leader: And you have to pay those individuals who lead campaigns in localities. The situation is such that every individual runs for money. 

Reporter: So you get votes for cash

Vidyanand Nikal, JDU leader: Votes for cash, it is like this - you go behind every house and give around 500 rupees. You divide a locality into sectors and each sector has a set number of houses. 

Reporter: How do you guys get so much cash?

Reporter 2: Ever since demonetisation has come into effect 

Reporter: If there is no cash, where do you get cash from? 

Vidyanand Nikal, JDU leader: Cash is provided to us by capitalist groups. They get their returns later.