'A Stunt': Delhi CM Kejriwal Slams BJP On Shaheen Bagh Gunman's AAP Link In First Response

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Reacting to Tuesday's revelation of Shaheen Bagh shooter being linked to AAP, Delhi CMArvind Kejriwal contended that the BJP had no constructive agenda left.

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Reacting to Tuesday's revelation of the Shaheen Bagh shooter Kapil Gujjar being linked to AAP, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal contended that the BJP had no constructive agenda left. He alleged that all other parties including BJP, Congress had come together to beat the AAP. Moreover, he stated that BJP leaders had resorted to abusing him. Also, he stressed that the Delhi police was being used by the Centre. 

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While maintaining that the shooter's family had clarified on their association with AAP, Kejriwal called for Gujjar to be given exemplary punishment. At the same time, he opined that this was Union Home Minister Amit Shah's conspiracy. The Delhi CM asserted that this was a pre-election stunt. \

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal remarked, "Now, BJP has nothing left. BJP has no counter to the wonderful work done by the Delhi government. All the parties- BJP, LJP, JDU, RJD, Congress, Akali Dal, BSP have come together to defeat us. Their only purpose is to defeat BJP. Then the 200 MPs, 70 Ministers, 11 CMs and Amit Shah tried their best, but could not succeed. Then they started abusing me- Kejriwal is a terrorist, Kejriwal is a thief, Kejriwal is Raavan, Kejriwal is a traitor, Kejriwal is ant-national, none of this worked. Then, they started using Delhi police. Then they made an allegation yesterday."

He added, "Is it our level to order such a shooting? The family of Kapil Gujjar has said that we don’t have anything to do with AAP. Anyone can take photos with any person. I feel that he should be given strictest punishment. And if he has any link with AAP, give him 4 years punishment instead of 2. Amit Shah does such cheap conspiracy just 48 hours before the election. The entire nation knows that this is a stunt before the election."

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Jasola shooting takes a new turn

On the day when the Union Budget was presented, a man named Kapil Gujjar was arrested by the Delhi police for opening aerial fire in the Jasola area near Shaheen Bagh. The case took a different turn on Tuesday as the police recovered some photos which showed that Gujjar and his father had joined AAP in 2019. Moreover, the photos also allegedly featured AAP leaders Sanjay Singh and Atishi. 

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