Delhi Elections 2020: AAP's Bhavna Gaur Likely To Win Palam Constituency

Delhi Assembly Elections

As the voting of the national capital concluded, the Republic TV-Jan Ki Baat released the exit poll for the state to get a projection of what to expect.

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Delhi Elections

As voting in the Delhi election concluded on Saturday, the Republic TV-Jan Ki Baat released the exit poll for the state to get a projection of what to expect on the counting day. According to the survey, AAP leader Bhavna Gaur is projected to win the Palam constituency in Delhi.

Gaur is contesting against BJP's Vijay Pandit. Further, Palam is one of the four constituencies in Delhi where the RJD is contesting. 

The Jan ki Baat Exit Poll is an on-ground qualitative and quantitative study done by a team of field investigators and verified citizen reporters who have collected data from each ward using probability map of Outcome methodology. Apart from face to face interviews, focused group discussions in markets, urban villages, colonies, apartments, and slums have been conducted. A representative sample of 35,000 covering proportionate demography, caste and gender is collected from all the 70 constituencies of Delhi.

The Exit Poll Survey

The 70-seat Delhi Assembly which finished its polling on Saturday is projected to be won by AAP, revealed the Republic TV-Jan Ki Baat Exit polls. The polls witnessed an intense poll campaign by the three contending parties  - Congress, BJP and AAP with 672 candidates in the fray. Further, the polls saw around 55 per cent voter turnout. The results will be declared on February 11.

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Seat Share: 

AAP is projected to win 48-61 seats defeating the BJP which is projected to win only 9-21 seats. Meanwhile, Congress is projected to win 0-1 seat. Others are projected to win no seats.

  • AAP: 48-61
  • BJP: 9-21
  • Congress: 0-1
  • Others: 0

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Vote share:

AAP is projected to garner 51-52%of the vote share, leading over the BJP which is set to gain 38-40% of the vote share. Meanwhile, Congress is projected to gain 4-5% of the vote share. Other parties are set to garner 5% of the vote share.

  • AAP: 51-52% 
  • BJP:38 -40%
  • Congress: 4-5 % 
  • Others: 5%

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Previous election results

In 2015, the seat in Palam constituency was held by AAP's Bhavna Gaur by over 30,000 votes. After the constituency came into existence in 2008, BJP's Dharam Dev Solanki was the first MLA to hold the seat. He had retained the seat in 2013 elections. However, he lost to AAP in 2015.

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