Gujarat Lok Sabha Elections

WATCH: 'I Challenge The Opposition To Arrange A Rally And Chant One Name,' Says Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray At Amit Shah's Nomination Filing Rally

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • While lauding the saffron Shiv Sena-BJP coalition, Thackeray contrasted their bond with the Mahagatbandhan with 'no commonality'

On the day of BJP president Amit Shah's nomination filing for the seat of Gujarat's Gandhinagar, the party's saffron ally from Maharashtra, Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray addressed the rally, hailing the alliance between the parties and their unanimous ideology.

Further ascertaining that both the parties who had a ride of going from being allies to foes and allies again have 'finished all difference' and thrive on the similar ideology of 'Hindutva'

He said, "I've come from Maharashtra, with the blessings of Bala Saheb Thackeray to give Amit bhai good wishes. For those who were happy with the thought that two like-minded parties are fighting, but they are unaware that whatever was happening, Amit bhai came to my place, we spoke, there were differences, but when we sat down together there was no difference of opinion."

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"We've finished all the differences and that is because be is Shiv Sena or BJP, our ideologies are similar. Hinduvta is our ideology. My father used to say, Hinduvta is our breathe and if our breathe stops, how do we live? That is why we have come together again," he added. 

While lauding the saffron Shiv Sena-BJP coalition, Thackeray contrasted their bond with the Mahagatbandhan.

He said, "The Opposition has come together, like a movie, 56 of them came together, held each other's hands. But it's like they say, may hearts meet or not, the hands must always do. Our hearts have met and we were just thinking that whatever was happening in the past 5 years happened, but what did we have in the last 25-30 years?"

"If we think of the country's politics, of that time, no one was willing to come with the two of us. But both of us were political untouchables in politics, we had nothing but we walked with the saffron and I don't know how 25 years past but our dream came true and the saffron in waving in Delhi now."

Moreover, he said that the Mahagatbandhan is scattered and unsettled in terms of a common 'ideology or a leader'

He said, "Today our thought, ideology and leader is one, but I'd like to ask the Opposition, do you have one such thing in common that you can tell the people of the country? Who is your leader, who will become the Prime Minister? We want to win, but we are not crazy for the chair. 

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"As the crowd is chanting Modi today, I'd like to challenge the Opposition to arrange a rally and chant one name. There is no thought, no leader, they want to come together so they get the majority and get a chance to become the Prime Minister, you have already started pulling each other's leg? Then what will happen ahead?" he added. 

Amit Shah on Saturday is filing the nomination from the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency, which was BJP veteran Lal Krishna Adavani's stronghold.

While BJP and Shiv Sena announced their pre-poll alliance in February with a consensus on the seat-sharing for Maharashtra Lok Sabha polls. The two parties will fight in an equal number of seats when it comes to the state elections. As for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, the BJP will contest from 25 seats and Shiv Sena will contest from 23 seats, both parties had announced.