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Congress Makes 'ISIS-RSS' Analogy; Supports Kamal Haasan's 'Hindu Terror' Statement Not "100% But 1000%"

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Congress leader backs Kamal Haasan's 'Hindu terror' statement
  • Compares ISIS to RSS, says 'RS in Hinduism is just like ISIS in Islam'

The Congress party giving cover fire to Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) chief Kamal Haasan has publicly backed his 'Hindu terrorist' statement, not just "100% but 1000%" 

Burgeoning the Hindu terror bogey, the Tamil Nadu Congress president, KS Alagiri has drawn a staggering analogy between 'ISIS and RSS' citing "RSS in Hinduism is just like ISIS in Islam" 

The statement comes from the Congress leader whose party has maintained the narrative that terrorism has no religion. However has brazenly backed Haasan who cited 'Hindu terrorism' in reference to Mahatma Gandhi's assailant  Nathuram Godse. 

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Alagiri said, "They are not only the first terrorists of independent India, RSS, Jana sangh, Hindu Mahasabha who exist believe that they should destroy who is against their ideology, It's like how ISIS in Arab countries, even ISIS in those countries say that they need to eradicate the Muslims who doesn't believe in their idea. It's not just eradication, its eliminating from the world itself." 

"Extreme leftists and rightists will follow the same policy. Even religion fundamentalists are same.RSS in Hinduism is just like ISIS in Islam, both are similar. I support and agree Kamal Haasan's statement not only 100%, but 1000%," he added. 
The actor-turned-politician addressing a rally at Aravakurichi - one of the four assembly constituencies in the state, stated that independent India's first terrorist was a Hindu, referring to Nathuram Godse. 

Making open references to various religions, Kamal Haasan put forth that he was among the 'proud Indians' who desire a nation that espouses equality and where the 'three colours' of the Tricolour remain intact.

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"I am not saying this because this is a Muslim-dominated area," Haasan prefaced his remarks, adding, "but I am saying this before a statue of Gandhi. Free India's first terrorist was a Hindu, his name is Nathuram Godse. There it began.".

"I'll thump my heart and say that I'm a good Indian and any good Indian will want the country to be peaceful and equal for all. They will always want the three colours of the national flag to remain the same as ever," he elaborated.