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Indian General Elections

Election Takes People Back Home, Even Those Who Cannot Afford It : A Tea Seller In Delhi Has One Such Story.

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  • Nikhil Patwariya, a tea seller in south Delhi's Chittaranjan Park area is determined to head home in West Bengal, to vote, even if it means financial setback to him.
  • He has been living in Delhi for past 21 years, running a makeshift stall selling tea and snacks like 'ghugni' and 'jhaal muri' in Chittaranjan Park.
  • Travel to his home in West Bengal to perform his father's last rites, costed him 15000 rupees,an amount that is huge for him.

The countdown for the elections has begun and in the midst of election rallies and controversies taking place every day, there are others who are embarking on a long journey to practice their democratic right. Some, who can barely manage funds on their day-to-day life, are heading home to exercise their right to vote.

Nikhil Patwariya, now a resident and a tea seller in Delhi, who recently returned from his hometown, West Bengal after performing his father's last rites earlier this month, is determined to travel back at the end of this month to cast his vote, despite the travel putting a financial burden on him. 

Patwariya has been residing in Delhi for the past 21 years, is running a makeshift stall selling tea and snacks like 'ghugni' and 'jhaal muri' in Chittaranjan Park. He migrated from West Bengal in search of job and since then, earning a living has been a issue for him. This time too, it is known that the cost of the trip to travel back to West Bengal will be tough, as he has already spent a sum of 15,000 during his initial trip. However, the enthusiasm of casting his vote is enough to persuade him back to his constituency. 

"I will manage the cost somehow but I must travel back to vote. I will definitely go," he said, making plans to go back home to vote from Krishnanagar, which will go to the polls on April 29,” he said about going back home again to vote.

Talking about his preference of parties, he said:

"I have always been a Congress supporter. I grew up admiring Indira Gandhi. But over the years I have voted for different parties. While, recalling his father's preference, he shared, “But my father was a BJP follower."

The 2019 general election is scheduled to be held in seven phases from April 11 to May 19.According to the data released by the Election Commission of India, the number of voters taking part in the election is nearly 90 crore.

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