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EXCLUSIVE | 'People Of India Will Form An Even Stronger Government Than Before, Areas That Were Left Behind Will Support BJP,' Predicts PM Modi In Final Election Interview

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke exclusively to Republic Media Network's Executive Editor Abhishek Kapoor in his final 2019 election interview. 
  • PM Modi said that it is the people of the country who are fighting the elections, not him or the party
  • He put forth that the areas that had been left out over the last five years would also lend their support to the BJP and NDA and help make a stronger government than before

Forty-nine days after his first election interview with Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday concluded his 2019 Lok Sabha election campaign by speaking exclusively to Republic Media Network's Executive Editor Abhishek Kapoor wherein he answered on a plethora of key issues including on how the 2019 campaign was different from what happened five years ago.

In his final campaign interview, PM Modi put forth that it is the people of the country who are fighting the elections, not him or the BJP and added that the country will form a stronger government than before including contributions from "areas that were missed in the last five years" 

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Opining on the Opposition in this regard, the Prime Minister said, "Neither do they have Arithmetic nor do they have Chemistry, they don't even have Geography. It's not a question of me being assured. BJP is not even fighting these elections. Narendra Modi is not fighting elections. People of this country are fighting elections." 

Continuing on the geography theme, the Prime Minister indicated that he believes that support for him would come this time even from the areas that had been less influenced by the Modi wave of 2014 as the people in those areas didn't want to be left behind:

"They're fighting for a bright future and the nation is 10 kilometers ahead of my party in these elections. People will form a stronger Government than before, they'll give maximum seats to BJP and form a strong Government. They'll give maximum seats to NDA and form a strong Government and the areas missed in the last five years, even those areas don't want to be left behind. Those areas too, are running ahead with full strength," he added. 

(Na ganit wahan hai, na chemistry hai, na geography wahan hai. Ye chunao BJP lad hi nahi rahi hai, ye chunao Narendra Modi nahi ladh raha hai, ye chunao desh ki janta ladh rahi hai, desh ke ujwal bhavishya ke liye ladh rahi hai aur chunao mein mere dal se desh 10-kilometer aage daud raha hai. Desh ki janta pehele se majboot sakaar banayegi, Bharatiya Janta Party ko adhik seat dekar sarkar banayegi, NDA ko adhik de kar majboot banayegi aur pichle paach saal darmiya kuch ilake chut gaye the, ve bhi ab peeche rehena nahi chahate, ve ilaake bhi pura dam ke saath iss nayi sarkaar ko banane ke liye humse aage daud rahi hai.) 

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