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EXCLUSIVE: Union Minister Col Rathore Highlights Rahul Gandhi's 'failure In Vision', Asks 'What's The Difference Between Pakistan Army And Congress Today?'

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  • From attacking the Congress party over its lies to talking about the development under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Minister Col Rathore spoke out and about to Republic TV

Union Minister Rajyavardhan Rathore who is all set to contest the Lok Sabha polls from Rajasthan's Jaipur Rural constituency exclusively spoke to Republic TV on an array of issues ahead of the polls. From attacking the Congress party over its lies to talking about the development under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Minister Col Rathore spoke out and about in exclusive one-on-one with Republic TV.

Speaking about the lack of leadership qualities and vision for the nation in Congress president Rahul Gandhi, Col Rathore hits out at the Congress party for manipulating farmers and making false promises during Rajasthan during Assembly elections.

"When you are a leader, not only you should have a vision but also the solutions to the problems. You should also know the governance to make those solutions reach to the people that's the work of a leader. Rahul Gandhi is a failure in all of these 3 things. And apart from lies he doesn't say anything. In 2018, when there were assembly elections in Rajasthan where he manipulated people by making false promises. He manipulated farmers, youth and the whole Rajasthan and today people are feeling insulted that's why they are asking for answers. the kind of governance that was going in Rajasthan, when schemes were coming from central government, they stopped it. That means to stop Modi ji they stopped development. Because they can see that everyone is taking Modi ji's name and he is even reaching to villages," Union Minister Col Rathore said. 

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Later, he speaks about under the Congress government in Rajasthan, how the people of the state have suffered from its leadership of CM Ashok Gehlot, adding how different launched by PM Modi including Ayushman Bharat Yojana have helped the people overcome the difficulties in life. 

"The Prime Minister Samman Nidhi which has been initiated for farmers, just think that out of 65 lakh farmers in Rajasthan, 30 lakh farmers gave applications for that. But Rajasthan government kept those applications from reaching to the central govt, otherwise, in March they would have got Rs 2000 in their accounts. In this way, they are stopping development, growth and support. All those unemployed youth of Rajasthan were promised that they will get Rs 3500 each. They never got it. And now that Aanchar Sahita is there, how will they get it? The patients who can't afford their medical expenses earlier, there used to be Bhamashah Yojana in which Rs 3 lakh per year medical expenses were free. Central government also made Ayushman Bharat Yojana in which they would get Rs 5 lakh per year, free medical expenses. Rs 3 lakh per year under Bhamashah Yojana and Rs 5 lakh under Ayushman Bharat Yojana. They stopped Bhamashah because Vasundhara ji started it and also stopped Ayushman Yojana. Today the patient who is poor, is not able to afford medical expenses. Then what development they talk about and what kind of politics they are doing," he said.

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Slamming the Congress for not fulfilling its promise to waive off loans of farmers in 10 days and other benefits to farmers made ahead of the Assembly elections, Col Rathore said:

"See Rahul Gandhi tries to do dramatics. He forgets that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a visionary leader. He knows how to find solutions to problems, forecast work and development. Rahul Gandhi only knows dramatics - 1, 2, 3, 10 - nothing happened with that. This is an emptiness within a person. It's very unfortunate that a grand old party which Congress used to be, now they have nothing left apart from lies and their leadership is completely decimated. You see what he's talking about today, just think. Air strikes were done, before that there were surgical strikes, now airstrikes happened. Our Army by risking their lives attacked the roots of terrorism. For whose safety they went there? - For the whole country, people and also for Opposition's safety and did the air strikes. Now what Pakistan is saying, that nothing happened, they just destroyed some trees. However they stopped their media from going to Balakot. It has been 15-20 days now, they have stopped their media from going there, which means major damage was done. They stopped media but Pakistan's army, their ISI all are saying nothing happened. And now what Opposition is saying, they are also saying nothing happened. They are speaking the same language, what Pakistan is saying, Congress is also saying the same. So tell me the difference between Pakistan's army and Congress?!."

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On being asked about Rahul Gandhi's promise to provide Rs 12,000 to poor people in the light of former PM Indira Gandhi's promise to combat poverty 50 years ago, he said:

"Rahul Gandhi is approximately 50 years old today, and 50 years ago his grandmother (Indira Gandhi), for the victims she raised the slogan of removing poverty. Now after their 3 generations, they themselves say they will remove poverty. From where will the solutions come? Did you make any plan Have u given any kind of detail? You have to stop all the current schemes, according to the experts. Then only your this scheme can work. The amount the country is spending on health, this scheme requires more than that which means you will have to stop all the current schemes in India. Now all those Indian citizens who live in villages, who gets help from Central Government, are they ready for stopping all the schemes? The youth of India and the villages are very competent, and when they will be empowered and made capable for work, then they will get productive. The power which will come out from their will make the country stronger."

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