FULL PM MODI 2019 ELECTION VICTORY SPEECH: On Securing Historic Second Term, Narendra Modi Hails The Democracy Of A New India And Declares An End To 20th-century Politics

Indian General Elections

As NDA leads to a resounding victory in the Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi addressed the BJP workers at the party headquarters in New Delhi at around 7 pm.

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While the counting is still underway for Lok Sabha elections 2019, the verdict is clear with PM Narendra Modi all set to return for a second term with an even higher mandate than the 2014 Lok Sabha election. As per the tally by the Election Commission at about 8:40 pm, the BJP is leading on over 300 seats. 

As NDA leads to a resounding victory in the Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi addressed the BJP workers at the party headquarters in New Delhi at around 7 pm.

In his victory speech, PM Modi thanked the 130 crore people of the nation, saying that their votes have given the biggest turnout to the country in the 2019 election, as compared to the previous elections. He further extended gratitude to the BJP workers for their efforts towards the victory of the party. 

"Today, we are witnessing that people of the entire nation has gifted this man (is fakir ki jholi ko bhar di hai). I bow down and express my gratitude to the 130 crore people of this nation. The figures of voting of the elections 2019 are the biggest event of the democratic world. The country became independent, I believe a number of elections took place, but even after so many elections, the largest voter-turnout took place in this election. And that too amid the heat of 40-42 degree Celsius. This in itself shows the awareness among the voters of the country. The entire country has to register this and has to acknowledge the power of democracy of India. In the history of democracy, to die for democracy will keep giving inspiration to the upcoming generations. I would like to thank all the election officers, army forces to initiate the feeling of voting among the people and would like to congratulate them on successfully conducting the Lok Sabha elections," PM Modi said. 

Referencing the epic of Mahabharata, PM Modi referred to the voters of India as Krishna who voted for the country and its brighter future. 

"After the battle Mahabharata was concluded, then Sri Krishna was asked who he supported. I believe that during the time of Mahabharata, the answer Lord Krishna gave, that today in the 21is century, in the 2019 elections, 130 crore population of the country has answered in the form of Lord Krishna. Krishna has answered that he was not in favour of anyone. He said that he was only in favour of Hastinapur, for Hastinapur. Today, 130 crore people were standing for the country in the form of Krishna. This feeling among the people of India is the guarantee of the bright future of India."

He further said that BJP and its NDA allies dedicate the victory to the people of India, because of who democracy of the country won today.

"In this election, I had been saying it since the very beginning, that this election is not being fought by any group, politician, any party, but this election is being fought by the people of the country. It was difficult for the people to understand my ideology who had their eyes and ears shut. If someone has won, it is India, it is a democracy, it is the people. We at BJP, and NDA dedicate the victory to the people of the country. I congratulate all those who have won today. I feel so proud that I am a part of a party which has karyakartas with such big hearts," PM Modi said. 

"I was busy today. So I couldn't pay attention to results. I don't have much information about it. But I was briefed by the party president. I'll see it in detail. But from what he told me, that itself indicates that political pundits will have to change their 20th-century thinking," he added.


Earlier, taking to Twitter, Modi thanked voters for the 'faith' placed in the NDA, following which he removed "Chowkidaar" from his Twitter handle and said that the word will remain an integral part of him. 

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