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ON THE ROAD: "I Am A Daughter Of Chandigarh, Straight, Transparent And Direct," Says BJP's Kirron Kher On Her Political Journey

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From films to politics, Kirron Kher appeared on the episode of On The Road, elaborating on his political career as an MP of Chandigarh for five years, to the Opposition and the current electoral scenario. 

Speaking about her political journey from being a film personality, Kher extensively shared of her induction in the party and then the Parliament. 

She said, "I was not just an actress, I was writing columns and doing a lot of things. A person just does not have one color to their personality. And I was the spokesperson for the BJP. I used to on a lot of channels, including Arnab. So we have fought for the party, and after that the party gave me an opportunity to represent them. So it is not like, I was a film actress and directly came here. I was speaking about political history, political issues at night. So this was a natural progression. 

"To enter politics, when you term it as politics, I feel weird because in my mind, politics is not some Jalebidaar process. It is a straight value based system of politics to rule. And that too I won't call it rule but to serve. I am here to serve for my city. Over here for 15 years, Mr. Bansal did nothing. He must have done something in Delhi but not here," she added. 

Kher addressed the concept of groupism that is present across political parties and accentuated on how she is more eligible to be the MP in Chandigarh.

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She said, "I feel there is groupism in all parties, I have seen and learned about that. There was groupism in Congress as well. They didn't send me here because there was groupism. They sent me here because they thought I was the appropriate candidate for Chandigarh. First of all, I am from Chandigarh, I am a Sikh, I am daughter of an Army Officer. This entire profile matches Chandigarh. I am educated, I stay among people here, so they know me from a lot of years. They know the families, even today if I go to a function or a rally, so many people turn up and give their blessing. But I get so much warmth." 

Furthermore, the BJP leader spoke about her Congress opponent Pawan Kumar Bansal, questioning the lack of his work in the city in 15 years.  

"Mr. Bandal from Congress, Harmohan Dhawan from AAP and I am from BJP. This time we will win with a bigger margin, we have done much work in the last 5 years. That is why we will win. Bansal is a politician, he is a politician. I am a daughter of Chandigarh. Straight, transparent and direct. I don't do things or say crooked things. With the right motive, I have done development in the city. I stand firmly with the people of the city. I take up their issues and do their work," she added.  

She said, "Mr. Bansal you were the MP from here for 15 years, before that for 5 years as well, when the web of metro was spreading in Delhi, you were a Minister in Delhi. Why didn't you bring the metro in the last 15 yeas? This is made an election issue.  If they say that their plan was ready by 2007, from 2007 to 2014 it is 7 years, you still didn't do anything, now you keep talking about it. The truth is the top engineers of Delhi and those people who sit in Ministeries and Bureaucrats, they don't think metro is viable for Chandigarh. The meaning of metro is to have it in a big metro, this is not a metro, this is a small town. It is 15 square kms, with population of 12 lakh."

Kher elaborated on the separate Chandigarh manifesto that was released by the Congress party saying:

"If they had thought something for 15 years, there would not be a need to release a manifesto. Houses of so may people were demolished during his time, during my time, no houses were demolished. I didn't let one room break. My Prime Minister says by 2022, there will be a roof for everybody. What have they done? They couldn't bring water. In their 15 years if people remember 5 things, they should tell me. In my 5 years so much work I have done." 

Speaking of her star campaigner and husband, Anupam Kher who has been a part of the political controversies, Kher elaborated on him and how her political commitments kept her away from the family.

She said, "Now such a thing does happen, when there are so many programs lined up, somewhere the tent is not on time, the sound is noton time. Nobody felt bad about it." 

"Financial loss occurs, career loss happens. First year, I rejected 6 films, in the second year I rejected 3 films. I don't get to meet my family. I didn't even go to spend a vacation with them. I don't get to meet my husband for festivals. I miss them," she added.  

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Addressing the Opposition and the Mahagathbandhan, Kher mentioned that it is a 'Mahamilavat Bandhan' and dissed their campaign that runs on 'remove Modi'

She said, "This is a Mahamilavat bandhan, this is no Mahagathbandhan. Everyone in this had contested against each other in the State elections. They were never together, now they all have come together just because of one thing, run modi has come. That's why they don't even have an agenda, not a single point to ask vote on, so they just go with remove Modi, remove Modi. Why remove Modi? Because, they have this fear, that he doesn't tolerate corruption, he doesn't initiate or end an investigation as per someone's convenience, he let's the system work in it's own way and doesn't stop it. They are habitual to a kind of government where they can cover whatever they want with help of each other." 

"So, I think they all are coming together because we will go completely down in our respective states, we will loose in our states. That is why they have come together. And they are not even going to stay together later. God forbid, if ever their government comes to power, I'll change my name if it stays in power for more than six months. One side, there is chandrababu naidu, he always sides with us, but after a while goes away, he did the same thing during vajpayee's government. So, these people have just come together because as it is said wolves hunt in packs. When a wolf hunts, they stay in a group, so that a lion doesn't eat them. There is one lion standing right there at top, who roars. Look at Mamata ji, everyday she just walks on the stage with such anger, sometimes I wonder, is she a Chief Minister or what?" she added. 

"The Modi government will come to power in delhi, there is no doubt about it, you people vote for the bjp candidate from here and send home to delhi, add a flower to that bouquet, from our side, our contribution, your MP," she added. 

Kher even addressed the controversial remark 'Hua to Hua' made by Congress' Sam Pitroda over the 1989 Sikh masaccre. 

She said, "I want to say that, I felt it such a weird thing that Mr. Sam Pitroda doesn't even have this much respect, that such things he is saying in front of press that, 1984 happened, so what? Have a little shame, people lost their lives, tyres were put in necks of people and they were set on fire, their widows today work in schools, some are ringing the bells, some are working as peons, these were people from good families and the congress government, forget about the apology they were not even able to give justice to anyone. The one who suffers, understands his situation best. I felt very sad after hearing this, they should feel shameful about this."

"No, I don't like such people at all, who use such derogatory language, it feels bad, it doesn't feel good. He is not a party's Prime Pinister, he is the Prime of whole country and such a Prime Minister who has raised the pride of our country ag international level, even other countries respect him so much, watch Pakistan tv, even they praise Modi ji, and these people are so jealous because such good prime minister has come to power, and they see their future a bit shaky, so they abuse him. Sometimes they call him chaiwala, sometime neech, sometimes other things. On one side they are very sophisticated and so called super class, but they don't even have such manners as to how to speak in public. The person she is calling Duryodhan, he is incarnation of Lord Krishna, who is guiding Arjuna towards the victory. Just by saying, he doesn't become duryodhan and we will know on 23rd." 

When questioned if Priyanka Gandhi's induction in Uttar Pradesh will benefit the Congress electorally, Kher denied, moreover asked her to speak up about the land deals of Rober Vadra. 

"The benefit they will gain, she looks pretty, she looks really beautiful, she wears beautiful saree, anything more than this i am not sure. I dont think, there wont be much gain. she was called-in in the last moment because she would have been exposed if she would have come in earlier. just like her brother has been since a long time, so i don't think, she is a high shot or something who will create any bigger impact, she is also one of them, and her surname is also Vadra." 

"I want to say, please speak up, please speak up and let the whole country know, they should know it. It's proven or not everyone knows that lands were sold, how much profit he made out of it, for what amount he bought it, how much profit he made by selling it? all this about Haryana, even khemkha ji spoke so much about it, this name in a way has been connected to the land dubious deals. people believe it that there must be surely something in this. now you are saying they have said it, then it is a really big thing, there should be investigation on it," she added. 

Concluding the episode she made a vote-appeal to the people sayind, "I am sitting here since last five years, I have kept my whole family, whole life, my work on edge and I have not worked in a single movie in last five years. I promised I won't do it, i will stay here, i fulfilled my promise. it's your turn, it is 2019 election, fulfill your promise. vote for me and send me again to delhi. thank you so much. Jai bharat, Jai hind."