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PM Narendra Modi's Mega 'Main Bhi Chowkidar' Interaction: LIVE Updates

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Several BJP senior leaders, including party chief Amit Shah and Union ministers Rajnath Singh and Sushma Swaraj, will take part in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Main Bhi Chowkidar' campaign via video-conferencing in Delhi on Sunday.
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4 months ago

PM Modi accused parties of making 'endless fake promises' ahead of the Lok Sabha elections 2019

He said, "We should be aware of false poll promises. We must identify the false propaganda. Some parties who knows they won't get into power, are making endless fake promises." 

PM Modi further lashed out at the Congress party for the 'Garibi Hatao' jumla

He said, "Garibi Hatao has been a Congress jumla for the past 70 years." 

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4 months ago

PM Modi pointed out how in Bihar the 'intolenrence' narrative was being spread during the elections, further cited that the lies of Congress party are 'seasonal'

He said, "When elections were going on in Bihar, they was an 'intolerance intolerance' canard being spread. After the election, where did it go?"

"Congress' lies are seasonal. When there were elections in Delhi, they came up with 'intolerance'. When there were elections in Bihar, it was - 'Modi will take back all forms of reservations'. Then there was the concept of 'award wapsi," he added. 

He further accused the Congress party of 'resorting to lies'

He said, "Congress resort to lies everytime. Ultimately all Congress lies are busted."


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4 months ago

Speaking over the 'Mission Shakti' where India entered its name as an the elite space power with the successful targeting of a live satellite on a low earth orbit using an anti-satellite weapon (A-SAT), PM Modi stated that this has 'nothing' to do with elections.

He said, "'Mission Shakti' is being viewed through the lens of election. It has nothing to do with that. It is a big win for our scientists. Before this, only three nations had accomplished this feat"

"The satellite hit by 'Mission Shakti' measured 1.5m x 1.5m and it was moving at 10km/s. The A-SAT missile was also moving at roughly the same speed," he added. 


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4 months ago

PM Modi said, "Our principle has been to reward honesty. From the very first day, we ensured that honest taxpayers do not face any difficulty. I promise to the countrymen that those involved in scams, would be punished." 

He added, "Since 2014, I have taken them to the doorsteps of jail. Some are out on bail, some are waiting for dates."

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4 months ago

He further stated how India has been suffering from terrorism for the past four decades.

He said, "We have been suffering from terrorism for the past 40 years. We know who is responsible for it. I thought, till when will this go on?"

"We have spent a lot of time doing 'India-Pakistan'. I say let it (Pakistan) suffer the consequences of its actions, let us move ahead," he added. 

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4 months ago

PM Modi saluting the jawans claimed that he has not done Balakot but the Jawans have done it.  

He said, "I've not done Balakot, the nation's Jawans have done it. And first of all, from all of us, a salute to them. I have complete faith on my forces, and so I gave them full free hand. I have full faith on our forces discipline. I left Balakot Airstrike decision to the forces as I believe in their discipline.

"They worry for Pakistan, when such strikes take place, is not that terrorist camps get destroyed. The worry is that it proves that the camps exist," he added. 


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4 months ago

PM Modi during his address stated that Swachh Bharat isn't about Modi but about the crores of India.

He said, "When a teacher fulfils their responsibility, students and the country prosper. The successes I have had in the last five years is about stakeholder-ship. Swachh Bharat isn't about Modi, it's about 130 crore Indians." 


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4 months ago

PM Narendra Modi said that BJP gave him an opportunity to 'serve the nation' and swore to fulfil that promise, further stating that he will protect nation's wealth from the corrupt

He said, "BJP gave me an opportunity to serve the nation. I will fulfil all my responsibilties been a chowkidar. I wont let anyone loot taxpayers. I will try my best to protect nation's wealth from corrupts. Chowkidar is nothing but a spirit." 

"All kaamdaars in this country are Chowkidar. Every indian citizen is a Chowkidar. 130 crore Indians have placed such strong faith in me that I've never looked back. Today, everyone is on the field for the 2019 polls. And I have faith that the people of the country like the Chowkidar, they don't want the Raja-Maharajas," he added. 


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4 months ago

PM Modi during his address said that he is working as the 'Chowkidar of the nation' 

Prime Minister Modi said, "In 2014, during the Lok Sabha election, I was known as chief minister, specially the Opposition through their criticism, they make me famous and let everyone know who I am. I am working as a Chowkidar for our nation." 

"Chowkidar isn't about a uniform, nor is it about about being tied to a spot. It's a spirit," he added. 


4 months ago

Several BJP senior leaders, including party chief Amit Shah and Union ministers Rajnath Singh and Sushma Swaraj, will take part in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Main Bhi Chowkidar' campaign via video-conferencing in Delhi on Sunday.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is also likely to attend the programme with party workers, said Delhi BJP leaders.

Over 5,000 people, including party workers, will listen to the prime minister's address at Talkatora Stadium, said Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari. 

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The Delhi BJP has arranged for gatherings of party workers and locals in seven Lok Sabha constituency to join in Modi's event.

Leaders & Locations for Main Bhi Chowkidar Campaign:

  • Narendra Modi - Talkatoa Stadium, New Delhi 
  • Amit Shah - Wazirpur, New Delhi  
  • Rajnath Singh - Ganesh chowk, Eastern Delhi 
  • Sushma Swaraj - Pearls Banquet Hall, Uttam Nagar, Delhi
  • Udit Raj - RD farm house, Badli, New  Delhi
  • Ramesh Bidhuri- Chhatarpur,New  Delhi

The event will be beamed across the country at 500 places where gatherings of BJP workers, professionals, chowkidars (watchmen), traders, farmers among others will listen to Modi and interact with him through video-conferencing.

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