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Sensational Operation Vadra Expose | ‘Forgery’, ‘Fronts’ & ‘Fixers’: Robert Vadra’s Stung Land Dealers Expose Alleged Loot & Name Rahul Gandhi. All Details Here

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In the biggest sting of the political season, Republic Media Network's Political SIT conducted a massive 2 week investigative report on the Robert Vadra land dealings.

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In the biggest sting of the political season, Republic Media Network's Political SIT conducted a massive 2 week investigative report on the Robert Vadra land dealings. Operation Vadra is a series of sting operations on the alleged close circle of Robert Vadra’s property fixers who lay bare the alleged shadowy network of commission agents, forgery tainted deals and nexus of payments linked to Priyanka Vadra’s husband’s property dealings. 

In relation to Robert Vadra's land dealings which have been the subject of political intrigue for years, the Congress party's 'private citizen' and 'vendetta' defences have trailed through all the allegations.  However, with Operation Vadra now in the public domain, the Congress party may find it hard to cobble an explanation. 


The two-part investigation was carried out over two weeks with over a dozen attempts and has resulted in sensational on-camera admissions, revelations and confessions about Vadra's land deals by brothers Mahesh Nagar and Lalit Nagar.

Both brothers,  Mahesh Nagar and Lalit Nagar are allegedly in the ED's radar. While Mahesh Nagar seems to know it all about Robert Vadra's alleged shadowy land deals from Haryana to Rajasthan, Lalit Nagar is a sitting Congress MLA. Both brothers admit freely and even boast about their closeness with the Vadras and their loyalty to them. 

Both brothers, stung separately, boast about their closeness to the Vadra-Gandhi family. On sting camera, Mahesh Nagar terms his relations with the Vadras as “family relations”, while Lalit Nagar says he “kept meeting” Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra becuase he was “very close to them”. 

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PART 1 OF #OperationVadra STING

In Part I of the #OperationVadra sting, Republic's SIT unmasks Robert Vadra’s alleged land deal payment model, his  alleged frontmen nexus, his alleged conduits, and how it all allegedly came together to benefit Robert Vadra’s private machinery and entity. 

Part 1 of Operation Vadra is broken down into 6 sensational exposes. 

Read here, the exclusive sting conversation with Robert Vadra's close aide Mahesh Nagar:

EXPOSE 1 - ‘Robert Vadra deals with forgery taint’ 

The first expose in Part 1 of the Operation brings forth the admission by Robert Vadra’s alleged property dealer that Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law’s Bikaner deal had a forgery taint. 

Stung by Republic Media Network, Mahesh Nagar discloses how one particular Vadra land deal that he was involved in had a history of “forgery”. 

“In Rajasthan. I got  him many land. But there was one land where there was a lot of  forgery done by the tehsildar and girdawar. They alloted the land in the name of their relatives and did not give any money for that land and that land was resold many times. We were  the fourth owners. We bought the land.” discloses Mahesh Nagar. 

EXPOSE 2 - ‘Robert Vadra used fronts for deals’ 

In the second expose in Part 1 of Operation Vadra, Mahesh Nagar sensationally admits that Robert Vadra had used different fronts and names for his land deals. 

When Republic Media Network asked Mahesh Nagar if he was saving a powerful family, he said, “ It is not in my name.  Whatever is in my name is my personal land. Whatever is his land is in his name. I don't have his land. Whatever he has kept  in my name he is kept it in his company's name or some other person. But I take care of his land.” 

The disclosure raises the question whether or not it is true and credible, as disclosed by Vadra’s own property dealer, that Rahul Gandhi brother-in-law Robert Vadra used “some other person” names for his own land. 

When Republic Media Network follows up the disclosure asking Mahesh Nagar why Vadra was buying land in his name and not his own, he said, “ How will he go to every place? This is my work. To decide the land. The location. What is the rate? He will not do this. He has to send someone.” 

EXPOSE  3 - ‘Robert Vadra minted from poor being looted’ 

In the Expose 3 of the first part of Operation Vadra there are chilling details and disclosures that raise the questions whether Robert Vadra’s Bikaner land was trailed to the poor farmers being looted and duped.

Mahesh Nagar’s name had previously come up in Enforcement Directorate papers in connection to Ashok Kumar who has been arrested in the Vadra Land deals case. 

In this part of the expose, Vadra’s property dealer Mahesh Nagar not only admits to knowing Ashok Kumar- the man under arrest, at the time of publishing- but also discloses the fact that he was given a cheque by the company to be a signatory for the deal. 

“Yes. I know him. He is from my village. Ashok Kumar had  bought the land. That is why he has been named,” stung Mahesh Nagar says. He says " I bought it from Ashok Kumar. And from me the company. My simple work was when the  registry would take place, I used to be the signatory. And I was  given the cheque."

EXPOSE 4 - ‘Vadra's agent cut land deals for Rahul Gandhi’ 

In the stunning 4th expose in Part 1 of Operation Vadra, Mahesh Nagar admits that he also cut deals for Congress President Rahul Gandhi who, he claims, was also 'interested in buying land'. 

When Republic Media Network asks Mahesh Nagar if he was the contact for Rahul Gandhi’s deals, he says, “  Yes. It was done through me. ” 

When the Network asked a follow-up question on why politician Rahul Gandhi would want to have a land business, Mahesh Nagar says, “ He was interested in buying land so he bought it. Then he sold it off.” 

This is a significant disclosure because it raises the question as to why Rahul Gandhi would be using what seems like a shadowy Property Dealer to buy and sell land. It also raises the question whether Mahesh Nagar was the one point property fixer beyond Gandhi-Vadra family. 

EXPOSE 5 - ‘Vadra's commission agent ring’ 

In the 5th Expose of Part 1 of Operation Vadra, Robert Vadra’s alleged commission agent ring comes to the fore to present an alleged questionable picture of the dealings and individuals linked to Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law. 

In 2017, Republic Media Network confronted CC Thampi outside the ED office. In March, 2019, Republic Media Network brought forth documents that proved that HL Pawha-- the man connected to a defence dalal- was linked to Robert Vadra. 

While to this point, there has been a thorough denial of the links between other alleged fixers like HL Pahwa and CC Thampi with Robert Vadra, the Republic Media Network Super Stings brings it all together. 

When we asked Mahesh Nagar for the Vadra links with these individuals, he said, “No, CC Thampi is not their man.  CC Thampi is Pahwa saab's man. He had bought a lot of land here (in Haryana)”

However, when we asked him whether he was personally in touch, he admitted saying “Yes”. 

EXPOSE 6 - Vadra's payment model:

In the final expose of Part 1 of Operation Vadra, Mahesh Nagar speaks about the payment model allegedly stretching back decades and speaks of transactions with other alleged Vadra aides.

When Republic Media Network’s probes on the payment model, and whether Vadra bought the land through HL Pahwa and whether Vadra gave the money to Pahwa and then to Mahesh Nagar, he says, that was earlier. Stung he says " He was saying he has been associated since Indira ji’s time. I don’t know about him. I only know about my deals. The ones that we purchased. What he sold, didn’t sell before us, I don’t have knowledge about it. I know about my deals here in Haryana, in Faridabad, Palwal and Rajasthan.” 

Seeking a second clarification on whether his commission came from Robert Vadra directly, Mahesh Nagar replies saying “Yes”. 

When asked on whether he was getting money from elsewhere he says, that he got the money for the land from “Pahwa saab” thereby seeming to admit a ring around Robert Vadra’s deals-- all with individuals in the net of the agencies. 

Republic Media Network's sensational sting operation raises multiple questions on how the Gandhi Vadra family allegedly used the Nagar brothers to fulfil their own property deals. From an alleged front men nexus to alleged conduits and alleged shadowy payment modules, Rahul Gandhi's brother-in-law's lies are exposed. 

While the Congress party is yet to give a specific response, here are the unanswered questions that emerge from Part 1 of Operation Vadra: 

  • Did Robert Vadra use fronts to buy land? Why?
  • Did Robert Vadra set up a dalal nexus? Why? 
  • Can Robert Vadra deny forgery when his agent admits it?
  • Was Rahul Gandhi using a shady dalal for land deals?
  • Rahul Gandhi and Robert Vadra named, will the first family speak up?

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