WATCH | 21 Opposition Parties Go After Election Commission As Chandrababu Naidu Leads Anti-EVM Campaign

Indian General Elections

The 23 Opposition parties uniting against the Election Commission forewarned to move the top Court over the use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) citing blemishes in the system. 

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Updated On:

The 23 Opposition parties uniting against the Election Commission forewarned to move the top Court over the use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) citing blemishes in the system. 

Ranking up the issues of 'unreliability' of the EVMs in a joint press brief to 'Save Democracy', the Opposition has demanded 50% verification of VVPAT slips.

Here is what the Opposition party leaders had to say: 

Chandrababu Naidu

The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu to 'save democracy' has cited that a lot of countries have gone back to paper ballot.  

He said: 

"There are 21 Political parties supporting this press conference. I am working for the country, save democracy, we are fighting irrespective of our political parties. Even Germany has gone back to the paper ballot. They went back to the paper ballot because they knew they can't trust EVM. We are investing 9000 crores on EVM and now they are saying we will count from only one EVM. Why so much of expense?"

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"In Telangana, they have removed a lot of 25 lakh voters by using a computer. At the end what EC said is sorry. In the paper ballot, you can count but in EVM you can't. EVM in the initial time was not working so they started voting a little late and they closed it 6 pm. Is it democracy? The display time for the vote on VVPAT was 7 seconds they have now changed it, without taking into political parties into consideration." 

"Contract employees have been hired and how they are being hired its still unknown. EC affidavit is misleading that 5 days to counting and when VVPAT was there it only takes 24 hours. You are misleading the country. EC has lost its credibility in the eyes of voters. They transferred all my officers why not transfer the IB officers. Even my chief secretary has been transferred. they have spent 9000 crores and by spending this you are counting just one ballot box. How is that reasonable? They came for voting with vengeance. We will file a fresh and review petition. Why the EC is not acting impartially?" 

Abhishek Manu Singhvi

Abhishek Manu Singhvi of the Congress party cited that the Opposition party will approach the Supreme Court and file petition against the use to EVMs

He said: 

"We will go to SC and file petition on EVM issue. A lot of question have been raised on the election process and we don't believe that EC is taking necessary actions on it. It is more important to have an easy election process which is VVPAT and it's our demand as well." 

"Supreme Court has accepted our demands but the implementation is very less.  The decision it is indispensable to have VVPAT along with EVM. It's our demand to have at least 50 check and this is a demand by almost 70% population of the country represented by 21 parties."

Kapil Sibal

Senior Congress leader, Kapil Sibal stated that "75% of the population wants 50% VVPAT at least"

He said: 

"If 75% population wants that atleast 50% VVPAT should be counted then why is not happening. Give us 12 or 24 hours and give the machine then we will show you how to tamper it. If the government is formed on the basis of just EVM machine counting then there is no point of us filing a plea because once a government is form nothing can happen after that. If EC supports machine, not the voters, it's a very bad state." 

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Arvind Kejriwal

The chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal accused the BJP of 'benefiting from EVMs'

He said: 

"Wherever we go people tell us please look at the machine once. Why BJP is supporting EVM because they know they will benefit from it. Whenever there is fault EVM the vote goes only to BJP, why is that. Which means its a planned tampering. It shouldn't  happen that if a machine is faulty then vote should go to BJP. They believe that the booth which is against BJP just tamper the EVM." 


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