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WATCH: 'Absolutely Unpardonable', Says Former Lt Commander Harinder Sikka Over 'misuse' Of INS Viraat By Former PM Rajiv Gandhi; Makes Stunning Revelations

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Published:

In a massive development following INS Viraat allegation by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on former PM Rajiv Gandhi, former Lieutenant Commander Harinder Sikka said that 'it is a shameful act by a Prime Minister (Rajiv Gandhi).

Speaking to Republic TV, he said that he was shocked that foreigners were showed the Indian warships, he also highlighted the punishment given to military officers when they associate with foreigners. 

"If a Naval officer is even talking to a foreigner, he's court-marshalled. If he wants to marry a foreigner, he's court-marshalled. Career is ruined if an alliance is seen between a navy officer, a military officer and a foreigner. Helicopters were used for ferrying food, these are basic facts. And we were fuming that here is a Prime Minister, what kind of an example he is setting that he is bringing a foreigner on-board and focusing on all kinds of military equipment, show-casing our front-line ships, armaments, showing all kinds of weapon our aircraft is carrying. These aircraft were flown in front of her to showcase how an aircraft takes off and lands," Sikka said.


Former Lieutenant Commander Sikka added: "It is absolutely unpardonable. Many of us have spoken, but if we write it down, it will be considered as a mutiny. If we speak in groups, it will be considered as a mutiny. It is a shameful act that a Prime Minister (Rajiv Gandhi) did for us."

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He then alleged that the wife of Rajiv Gandhi and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi traveled in Indian warship when she had not received Indian citizenship.

Former Lieutenant Commander Sikka added: "Sonia Gandhi herself was an Italian. She was not an Indian citizen at that time. And this has not happened only one time. She sailed in 1985 with four warships, in '86 INS Ganga under Captain Kailash Kohli sailed her to the Andaman Islands, along with her family."

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Earlier, Commander VK Jaitly(retd) who was then posted on INS Viraat, spoke about what he had witnessed during the late PM Rajiv Gandhi's visit to Lakshadweep.

On another senior retired officer saying that it wasn't a private holiday to oppose the use of 'personal taxi' remark, Commander Jaitly said: 

"It is very easy for a person at that level to convert any trip into an official programme. It is nothing very big. They (Gandhis) did it in the past, many others have done so, except I think present dispensation is an exception, that too only the higher authorities, people in lower levels must be doing it even now, arranging an official trip is very easy."

On the claims by Congress leader that the late PM was 'entitled to vacation', Commander responded:

"Some people feel that they have the right to misuse the resources of the country for their family, its wrong, very very wrong. Converting vacation into an official trip is very very wrong. Resources should be used for which they were meant. It is very easy for a Prime Minister to declare any visit anywhere as official."

The controversy over INS Viraat began when Prime Minister Modi had said on Wednesday in his poll rally at Delhi's Ramlila Maidan that the Nehru-Gandhi family misused and insulted the INS Viraat when former PM Rajiv Gandhi used the warship as a 'personal taxi' for himself and his in-laws for their vacation at an island in the Lakshadweep archipelago.