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WATCH: BJP Chief Amit Shah Responds To Republic's Sensational #OperationVadra Expose, Says 'must Give Inputs To Probe Agencies'

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:

In a sensational super exclusive newsbreak, Republic Media Network's SIT conducted a sting operation on Congress president's brother-in-law Robert Vadra's close aides Mahesh Nagar and Lalit Nagar who have been involved in Vadra's land dealings across the country. Even after Congress' 'private citizen' and 'vendetta' defences, the biggest political investigation amid the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, #OperationVadra sting exposes Vadra's 'close' circle of fixers who operationalise his payment model during the land deals. 

Responding to the massive exposure, BJP president Amit Shah stated that the party will stick by its words in Robert Vadra's land deals matter and will not work with the political vendetta carried out by the Rahul Gandhi's brother-in-law. 

"The investigation is going. It is good that the investigative agencies carry out the investigation. Whatever inputs you have, you musty give to the investigative agencies. It is their problem. We stick to our words. We will not work with political vendetta. Investigative agencies are doing their work independently. I urge you, in the interest of national interest, you must give all the inputs to the investigative agencies," BJP chief Amit Shah said exclusively to Republic TV. 

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In the massive political investigation, the two brothers who have been involved in Robert Vadra's business made sensational admissions. Under the ED radar, brothers Mahesh and Lalit know all about Robert Vadra's sketchy land deals from Haryana and Rajasthan. Lalit Nagar who is a Congress MLA from Haryana's Tigaon Vidhan Sabha constituency, admit freely and even boast about their closeness with the Vadras and their loyalty to them the Gandhi-Vadra family. 

Republic Media Network's sensational sting operation raises multiple questions on how the Gandhi Vadra family used the Nagar brothers to fulfil their own property deals. From an alleged front men nexus to alleged conduits and alleged shadowy payment modules, Rahl Gandhi's brother-in-law's lies remain exposed.

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