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WATCH: BJP's Jaya Prada Breaks Down During Rally Address, Crowd Chants "hum Apke Saath Hai" In Show Of Support

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

Newly inducted BJP leader Jaya Prada broke down in the middle of her speech while addressing the crowd in Rampur, the Lok Sabha constituency from where the actor-turned-Politician will compete with SP's Azam Khan. In her address, the BJP leader was expressing her happiness to work with the party that stands for the protection of women in this country. As Jaya Prada broke down, the crowd started chanting slogans in support of her:

"Jaya Pradav ji sangharsh karo hum apke saath hai. Jai Hind and Vande Mataram. Bharat Mamata Ke Jai".

Resuming her speech, the BJP leader continued:

"For the first time I feel that all the powers are with me. The BJP is backing me, all the BJP ministers are with me. I don't want to cry, I want to laugh. I have the right to live and I will serve all of you. I am proud that I am associated with the party that protects the women in this country. The brave Prime Minister--our Neta--PM Modi ji is undertaking all the efforts to protect this country".  

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Once a star candidate of Samajwadi Party, actor-turned-politician Jaya Prada on March 26 joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Jaya Prada was officially inducted in the BJP at party headquarter in New Delhi. More than a decade after first winning Rampur, Jaya Prada has returned to the Lok Sabha constituency to challenge Samajwadi Party strongman Azam Khan.

Azam Khan will be contesting the Rampur Lok Sabha seat in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, having held the Rampur Assembly Constituency for almost 33 out of the last 39 years. 

Earlier, just ahead of the 2004 elections, Jaya Prada who had earlier been associated with the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), joined the Samajwadi Party. The SP fielded her from Rampur to take Begum Noor Bano which the actor won with a comfortable margin. 

However, after being re-elected in 2009, she was expelled a year later for siding with Amar Singh in an internal party spat. In 2014, she had lost the election to the Bijor seat after contesting as a RLD candidate.

Azam Khan became a vocal critic of Jaya Prada after she moved to the Amar Singh camp. In 2009, Azam Khan supporters openly campaigned against the party candidate Jaya Prada. Interestingly, Azam Khan himself had brought Jaya Prada to Rampur for Samajwadi Party. 


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