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WATCH: 'Days Of Two Netas Shaking Hands In A Drawing Room And Their Votes Transferring Are Over,' Says Amit Shah

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Published:


  • With the country headed to the fourth phase of Lok Sabha elections, BJP President Amit Shah spoke to Republic Media Network's Editor-In-Chief Arnab Goswami in a fiery interview in Varanasi
  • He went on to speak about how the nature of politics has changed and juxtaposed this with his experience of alliance arithmetic, in the context of U.P

With the country having completed three phases of the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 and heading to the fourth phase of elections, BJP president Amit Shah spoke to Republic Media Network's Editor-In-Chief Arnab Goswami on a range of issues including his opinion on the mood of the nation during elections and on how the Opposition's anti-Modi campaign is "boomeranging".

When asked to discuss about Uttar Pradesh and party's current position is the state, the BJP chief said:

"First, let me get this clear that its not about whether I will personally succeed in Uttar Pradesh or not, because I am neither a contender here in the state nor its Chief Minister. Here we (BJP) have a good arrangement. I have travelled all across Uttar Pradesh, am in constant contact with BJP workers and I have had good interaction with Uttar Pradesh's people. After visiting all areas in the state, I can say that our position here will not get diluted."

He went on to speak about how the nature of politics has changed and juxtaposed this with his experience of alliance arithmetic:

"Keep one thing in mind. The days of two netas shaking hands in a drawing room and vote-banks transferring are over. Now voters are not are not 'bandhua majdoor' (bonded labourer) of politicians. Now voters can think. Many governments have operated in Uttar Pradesh on the basis of castes, one party will come and work for one particular caste, another party will come and work for one particular caste and will leave the society in one corner.  On the other hand, our party in Uttar Pradesh, the Narendra Modi government and CM Yogi government, have worked only for development irrespective of the caste and community, and by taking everybody together, development has reached at the ground level too. The effect of this will be seen."

On being asked in about the perception that in Uttar Pradesh the party will lose seats, Amit Shah explained that the BJP will get the benefit of the internal conflict arising from the SP-BSP-RLD.

"See, I will tell you. I have see two elections in Uttar Pradesh. I have seen 2014 elections and I have seen 2017 elections. In both elections Bhartiya Janta Party won with 40-60% votes. And from then on, we have only strengthened our party and approach. And now we have received 40 percent, 42 percent and 44 percent votes in different seats, we have to look at 6-10% of margin. We have to cover 6-10% in our fight to achieve 50%. Whenever two parties get in coalition, the parties' supporters gets in contradiction and this always results more that six percent vote loss. Congress is also fighting, Shivpal Yadav ji is fighting and many other parties are also fighting, so our difference becomes less. If they all collectively take certain amount of votes, then we retain our old position with seventy seats", he said.