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WATCH: From 'Video Game' Surgical Strikes To 'protecting India Gate's Glory Rather Than That Of Jawans', Here's PM Modi's Multi-pronged Attack At The Congress In Rajasthan

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Published:


  • PM Modi attacked the Congress for its many alleged misdemeanors touching on topics like surgical strike, OROP, insulting Army, War memorial, Narmada dam and more while addressing a rally in Sikar, Rajasthan

Attacking the many claims of Congress, PM Modi, on Friday, slammed his Opposition on a varied number of issues namely - Congress' claim of conducting six surgical strike, Congress' 'eyewash' implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP) for Army officers, Insulting those joining the army, failure to build a war memorial and the Narmada water treaty, while addressing a rally in Sikar, Rajasthan.

  • 'Six surgical strikes' 

Slamming the Congress for claiming to have done six surgical strikes during the UPA-era, PM Modi, on Friday, said that the party was making tall claims about these surgical strikes which no one knew about.

"Yesterday, a senior leader of Congress gave a statement saying that during the UPA government era, many surgical strikes were conducted. What kind of strikes are these which neither the terrorists nor the ones killing them knew about? Does neither Pakistan nor India know about it? Did any of you know about it?"

Explaining the strategy adopted by Congress to cash in on the surgical strike popularity, PM Modi said that they initially denied, then opposed and finally joined in saying 'Me too'.

"At first, they (Congress) made fun of the surgical strikes. Once they saw the people's solidarity, they started opposing which made people increase their solidarity chanting 'Modi Modi'. Seeing this trend, they (Congress) decided to use the new strategy saying we have also done surgical strike so that they can get 2-5% of the love that Modi has gained because of it (surgical strike). First, they denied, then they opposed, then they said we also have done it saying 'Me too, Me too'."

He continued the attack by saying that the number of surgical strikes which have increased from three to six by the Congress, may increase further as they (Congress) think that surgical strike is done like a video game.

"As four phases of the election have passed, the amount of surgical strikes has also has increased from three to six and by the end of the elections they might say, we performed surgical strikes every day. After the results, they might say 600 strikes were done."

"First They Denied, Then They Opposed, Then They Said We Also Have Done It Saying ‘Me Too’," Says PM Modi Attacking Congress' Claims Of Having Done Six Surgical Strikes In UPA Era 

  • 'Those who cannot afford two square meals a day, join the army'

Reminding the crowd of Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy's controversial statement regarding the men/women who joined the Indian Army, PM Modi slammed the Congress saying this was a great insult to the warriors who served the nation.

"In Karnataka, the Chief Minister, whose father was India's Prime Minister some years ago, said " Those who cannot afford two square meals a day, join the Indian Army to feed themselves. Is this not the biggest insult to our brave soldiers?" 

  • 'Eyewash implementation of OROP'

Tackling the last minute implementation of the OROP by the UPA government in 2014 before the Lok Sabha polls, PM Modi said:

"To fool those serving in the army, in the interim budget of 2013-14, before the Election Commission's work began, just to show on paper, they allotted Rs 500 crore in the budget. Then they danced throughout the polls, that 'we have implemented OROP.' You can't imagine the lies they say."

  • 'No national war memorial saying India Gate's glory will be lost'

PM Modi also slammed the Congress for their failure to build the 'National war memorial' for those whose lives were lost in war.

"These many years when there was a Congress government, many soldiers had achieved martyrdom, but they did not build a 'National War Memorial' saying the glory of India Gate would be lost. Is India Gate bigger than our nation's jawans?"


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  • 'Narmada Dam project'

Slamming the then Congress Government for lack of empathy towards drought-ridden Gujarat and Rajasthan, PM Modi recounted how he had to fight for getting the Narmada waters to these states during his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat.

"Everyone believed that Modi is mad. He will take away all of Narmada's waters, leaving nothing to Rajasthan. Such rumours were spread by Congress in Rajasthan. I fasted and protested against this 'remote-control' Government when I was Gujarat Chief Minister, telling them that 'Gujarat and Rajasthan were dying without water, while you are sitting in Delhi and ordering to stop the work on Narmada Dam?'. They had to resume the work on the Narmada Dam project."