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WATCH: Here's What Happened When Rahul Gandhi Was Asked About The UPA's 'Hindu Terror' Bogey

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Published:


  • Rahul Gandhi was asked about the UPA's 'Hindu terror' bogey during a Q and A with the media during the event of the release of his party's manifesto
  • The Congress released its manifesto on Tuesday

Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday during a Q and A with the media during the event of the release of his party's manifesto, deflected a question related to PM Narendra Modi's charge that Congress created the term 'Hindu terror' and alienated voters in the majority base. 

Gandhi abruptly stopped the journalist from finishing his question about the narrative being set for the Lok Sabha 2019 elections and began to speak about NYAY and started his broken record of calling Chowkidar 'Chor' and the Rafale deal.

"Narrative has been set. The narrative is NYAY. Narrative is that if Modi can give Anil Ambani Rs 30,000 crore then Congress can give 20% poor Rs 72,000. This is an attack on poverty. Modi has been stumped by it. Hence, he is hiding after one issue or another, but he can't shy away from reality, which is, there are no jobs, farmers are in despair. 

"The reality is that Modi promised Acche Din but the Chowkidar has committed a Chori. Ask the common man, they will tell you Modi looted from them to give Ambani money."

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After Congress announced that Rahul Gandhi would contest from Wayanad in Kerala as well from the Gandhi family bastion in Uttar Pradesh's Amethi, PM Modi charged at the party for losing supporters from the majority as the party had said spoken terrorism in the Hindu community. He said that Gandhi did not dare to contest from a majority base. 

''People who were called terrorist by the Congress and its president have now risen. Congress pre-fixed the term ‘terrorist’ with the peace-loving Hindu society. The Hindu society that believes the world to be its family was said to be involved in terror activities. They joined 'terrorism' with Hindu. That is why, now he is not daring to fight the election from a place where the majority lives. He is paying a  price of calling Hindus terrorists. Therefore, he ran away and is fighting the election from a place where majority is in minority, he is forced to take a shelter in such a place.''

WATCH: PM Modi Attacks Congress Over 'Hindu Terror' Bogey, Alludes To Rahul Gandhi Running Away To Wayanad Where 'majority Is In Minority'