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Indian General Elections

WATCH | 'He's Never Worked His Entire Life But Has Lived A Good Life': Arun Jaitley Lays Into Rahul Gandhi Over 'sweetheart Deals' With 2G And NSEL Scamsters

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:

Hours after Republic Media Network's sensational newsbreak exposing Rahul Gandhi and the Congress' so-called 'first family of Indian politics' for conducting business with scamster and accused in the infamous NSEL scam Jinesh Shah, senior BJP leader and Union Minister Arun Jaitley tore down the Grand old party president part-by-part while addressing a press briefing. 

Republic TV on Wednesday accessed documents revealing that Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra had conducted business transactions with Jignesh Shah's companies involving 'Indira Gandhi Farmhouse' jointly owned by the Gandhi siblings in Delhi. The 4.6 acre-plot with a 1014 running feet compound wall is valued at a paltry Rs 9.86 lakh, as per filings in Rahul Gandhi's 2009 election affidavit.

Launching a blistering attack on Rahul Gandhi in the aftermath of the explosive newsbreak, Union Minister Arun Jaitley exposed the Congress president on how he has lived a full life even after no being have worked his entire life.

"He (Rahul Gandhi) is that man who never worked in his entire life. But living a good life, studying in abroad, travelling in foreign countries, he has lived a full life. In the past, people working for the government and people used to live a simple life. They used to divert more time to the people. In the past 1-1.5 years, he has been following a political agenda of being a role model and levy baseless allegations on the people who have been working for others. There's an old saying, "people living in glass houses, don't throw stones at others". However, he tried to do that. I saw it very clearly in the documents published in media." 

Later, Arun Jaitley spoke on how the Delhi-based 'Indira Gandhi Farmhouse' was valued at Rs 9 lakh, which was has been going on in the Gandhi family for generations. 

"Indiraji made a farmhouse who value they show as Rs 9 lakh even today. Then it was transferred to Rajiv ji and then to both brother and sister. Now what should be done about that? I challenge you to prove my words wrong - How to increase the capital in your accounts - 'Capital creation scheme' - Show that the house is on rent."

Further hitting out at the UPA government between 2004-2014, the senior BJP leader spoke on how the Gandhi family carried on sham on the farmhouse and profits:

"When you were in governance between 2004-2014, you gave the house on rent to a man who does not have any business in Delhi. He took the farmhouse on rent and even gave you deposit. All workers will be paid by the tenant who never lived in Delhi. This is how sham is created. I read the list of people who helped him. A company named FTIL whose main promoter is Jignesh Shah, who was in commodity exchange work. Between 2007-08 till 2014, investors came and said that this man has two companies, one out which has some crore funds and in other, he has looted the funds from other investors. Central government has the right to merge the two companies so that those investors can get their money back. But Jagnesh Shah bought political equity into the government. But merger order did not happen for years. In 2014, when the government changed he removed the tenancy. Later, Jagnesh Shah met Sanjay Chandra who was involved in 2G scam, who is jail currently on the order of Supreme Court. In simple langugage, it is called 'sweetheart deals' - you are big man, I will earn the profit for you and give it to you."

Arun Jaitley later went on to impose a simple question on the 'courtry's first family' - as promoted by Congress party - asking why they did not merge the two companies of Jignesh Shah and allow people's money to get looted. 

"What was the reason that you did not merge the two companies of Jignesh Shah and allow the money of people to be looted? Was he really living in Delhi those days? He never had an employment in Delhi. If your family things that you are the country's first family, then you have to be the role model? Is this how you will be the role? You impose baseless allegations on others, look must look at yourself first," Arun Jaitley added. 

Read Republic TV's newsbreak here - SENSATIONAL: Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Vadra Rented Farmhouse To NSEL Scam-accused Jignesh Shah's Company, Got 407% Of Declared Property Value As 'deposit' And Disproportionate Monthly Rent. All Signed And Stamped Proof Here.


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