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WATCH: NCP Politicises PM Modi Meeting With His Mother Before Voting, Terms It As 'exhibitory Gesture' To Gain Votes

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • NCP leader Majeed Memon has opposed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's meeting with his mother Heeraben ahead of casting his vote
  • Majeed Memon exclaimed that while he respected Prime Minister visiting his mother, he referred to the gesture as a 'political exhibition'

A day after PM Modi visited his mother in Ahmedabad to seek her blessing ahead of casting his vote, NCP leader Majeed Memon has targeted the Prime Minister, asking him to "Spare mother’s affection from promotional politics".

The Nationalist Congress Party leader took to Twitter on Wednesday and wrote, "A son meeting mother and seeking blessings has also become exhibitory and encashable commodity".

Furthermore, speaking to Republic over his tweet, Majeed Memon exclaimed that while he respected Prime Minister visiting his mother, he referred to the gesture as a 'political exhibition', calling it 'unfortunate' that PM Modi is trying to gain sympathies with his meeting with mother. 

"I am respecting that a son, whosoever he may be - Prime Minister or a chowkidar', goes to his mother and seeks her blessings. But this is a purely private affair between mother and the son. This is not for exhibition. This is not for people to watch and then gain sympathies. We believe that there's a deficiency in his attraction of votes that, that should be filled up by such kind of gesture on his part. If it is so, it is unfortunate," he said. 

He later said that PM Modi meeting with his mother with camera looked "cheap".

"At the time of election, he goes his mother, shares something, takes blessings, feeding mother and all that, it is definite that he is asking media to exhibit this. If he is doing it let him do it. I appreciate his gesture, but not for exhibition. Not for showing to the people that look how obedient and affectionate he is towards his mother. This kind of show going with the camera to the mother looks very cheap."

On Tuesday, PM Narendra Modi met his mother Heeraben at her residence in Gujarat's Gandhinagar to seek her blessing, ahead of casting his vote in the third phase of Lok Sabha polls. She also gifted him a precious shawl of Goddess Mahakali from the Pavagadh Temple, Gujarat.

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