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WATCH: "Opposition Lacks Important Issue, Making Attempt To Take Election On A Different Track", Says BJP Chief Amit Shah On Opposition's 'personal Attack' Politics

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

The country can expect a politically charged month as all the parties have begun campaigning in full swing, with their top leaders scheduled to hold multiple rallies. Amid the on-going 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP chief Amit Shah spoke to Republic Bharat Editor-In-Chief Arnab Goswami on the key election agenda for the BJP and the party's vision for India.

He also touched upon opposition's personal attacks and propaganda against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and himself. He said that they lack of important issues is the reason why opposition is making an attempt to take the election on a different track of 'Personal attack'. He said:

"See, I won't agree that the election is not going on the grounds of six issues listed by me, media might debate on it but, we go to campaign, millions of people listen to us, millions of people listen to Modi Ji's speech, millions of people listen to our leaders, at many places we give interviews, just like I told you the issues, people will watch this, so people are listening to this and even considering it as well and people are also accepting this making a mindset towards voting. So, these 6 issues are ground for the election, as far as opposition is concerned, they lack on important issues and that is why they are making an attempt to take the election on a different track by indulging in personal comments. I don't agree that the election is going on a different track".

WATCH: "Kapil Sibal Should Make Rahul Gandhi Understand Legalities," Says BJP Chief Amit Shah On Congress President's 'murder-accused' Sland 

Amit Shah also spoke about Congress president Rahul Gandhi's slanderous remark of 'murder-accused' at him.

Amit Shah spoke about the continued false narrative being attempted to be set by the Congress against him, despite legal action and said that the party needs to understand the legality and if not, people will decide about it.

"I don't have any response, they have limited knowledge of law, a fake case was filed against me, their government filed it, during their government only the case was proceeding and now even a judgement has come in the case, that the case was fake and was filed due to a political vendetta and there is no evidence in it. That is why, I wasn't even prosecuted further, I was acquitted, there was even no trial for me, the Opposition couldn't even give enough evidence for a trial against me. Despite that, they keep saying, I think advocates like Kapil Sibal, they should make them understand the legal position and even if then they could not understand then let the public decide," he said.

He said that he has already taken legal action against Gandhi over the matter and courts will decide on it.

"I have taken legal actions. I have registered three cases, then also they keep saying. Three cases are going on currently. Every time you can't take a legal action, there is a tag on that, I have already registered a case," he said.