WATCH: "People Made Fun Of Me When I Said We Will Cross 300 Seats," Says PM Modi, Adding That The Word 'Wave' Seemed Less While Describing The 2019 Election Victory At BJP Headquarters, Ahmedabad

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Visiting his home ground in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, PM-elect Narendra Modi, on Sunday addressed BJP cadres from the old Gujarat BJP headquarters, a day after his formal invitation to form the Central government after winning the people's mandate with the NDA securing 353 seats on May 23.

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Visiting his home ground in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, PM-elect Narendra Modi, on Sunday addressed BJP cadres from the old Gujarat BJP headquarters, a day after his formal invitation to form the Central government after winning the people's mandate with the NDA securing 353 seats on May 23.

In the start of his address, he expressed his deepest condolences to those who lost their lives in the Surat fire on Saturday. He also assured that the state authorities were taking precautions to stop any recurrence of such incidences.     

"On one side is a sense of duty and on the other side is a sense of compassion. The Surat incident was fateful. Many families lost their light and hope with their dreams destroyed. Any amount of sympathy and condolences expressed is less. You all should pray to the lord to give strength to these families. I am in constant touch with state authorities concerning this. The state government is taking precautions to prevent such accidents in the future," he said.

He also dedicated the electoral victory to those lost their lives in the Surat fire, thanking the BJP for avoiding celebrations in respect to the somber occasion. 

"As there is a sense of duty on one side, and any son would like to take blessings of his mother. But inspite of it being a joyous occasion, the Gujarat BJP has arranged this opportunity for me to visit here without any pomp respecting the loss of life in Surat. Hence, I thank them, dedicating our victory to those who lost their lives in Surat," he said.

Speaking about his journey from Gujarat to the nation, he reminisced his time as Gujarat CM saying that as he progressed on his journey, the responsibilities also increased.

"After the victory of Vidhan Sabha 2012, I am visiting the BJP office after 7 years. I vaguely remember (from those times) after spending the day rallying the evenings were spent among leaders and journalists gossipping as it was not a big deal.  It was fun. I learned from here what organization, development, and leadership. As time passed, the responsibilities put on me increased," he added.

Calling his journey from Gujarat as bittersweet, he said that along with the people's trust he had to work to keep up Gujarat's culture in Delhi.

"In 2014, you all bid me farewell. I remember clearly, that even if the one wishes that I reach new heights in my career, but a farewell is a farewell. Along with your farewell, you gave me confidence that I will do well in Delhi. You trusted me that I will take this land's culture and learnings and put it use in serving the nation. Words are not enough to win the trust of people. It is born from the sweat of hard work," he said.

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Speaking of the Gujarat model which inspired his development plan for the nation, he said that the country was aware of Gujarat's development before they knew about him.

"In 2014, the country did not me, but they knew Gujarat which had great roads, proper water supply, and other things. Before I reached, the advanced state of development in Gujarat was known by the nation. In 2014, the mandate won by me is the victory song of Gujarat," he added.

Describing the enormity of the NDA's victory in 2019, he said that all records had been broken and that the word 'Wave' seemed less compared to the win which also put additional responsibility on the BJP. 

"I have received complete positive votes. When I started campaigning in the first on March 28-30, people were saying that it is impossible to reach 300. This election was not fought by BJP or Modi. It was fought by people. Since Independence, such kind of mandate has not been witnessed, breaking all records. The word 'Wave' also seemed less. Such was the result. And in Gujarat we won all the seats we fought on. In Gujarat to the records for voter turnout have been broken, in 40-45 degrees. I am thankful to people. With the victory comes great responsibility to maintain that victory. This has been done by the BJP time and again. As we go down this path, the trust of the society on us increases," he added.

Adding about how NDA exceeded expectations of the exit polls, he said:

"This election many pundits failed when, after the 6th phase of polling, I had said that we will get 300 plus seats. Many people made fun of me. During the whole election, it was noticed that people were voting to make govt strong."

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Speaking on the opportunity of creating a problem-free India which influenced global decisions, he said:

"The position of India in the world, this one which is influential on global matters. And in India, on the after 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi's struggle and after 72 years of Independence this moment is a great opportunity to spread social awareness and for social cooperation. This is all due to the 130 crore citizens of India. India's progress also takes every Indian forward. In the direction for creating a problem-free India, impossible must be made possible. Whether it is barriers, walls or pits, we must go beyond it to achieve progress. One aim. One direction. One target. It is an opportunity to achieve great feats."

Ending his address by asking first the blessings of his homeground, he hopes that he would continue to get the people's trust as he set upon his new journey.

"Last night, the President invited me to form the government and the offered formally the post of  Prime Minister. And I came first to take your blessings. With the blessings of this land of great leaders, I wish to start a new journey. I hope your blessings continue and  I am able to fulfill the hopes and dreams of the country. The blessings of the people are a form of the Lord's blessings. The dreams of 130 crore people make India. With this, I express my gratitude to you, to BJP, for this opportunity to serve." he added. 

The NDA had a stunning victory in the 2019 polls with the BJP winning 303 seats, its highest ever, and its allies 50.

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